A New Year , A New Me!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to the last day of December and the Old Year. We are bring in a New Year in a few hours. I am not sure what is going to happen in the New Year but I know what I will be working towards.

Starting with the Commitment Day 5K tomorrow morning!

I will be jogging tomorrow to start my New Year off right! To tell the truth I am a little worried about this event since it will not only be my first 5K I have ever done but it will be done without any training…or really anything.

It is a good thing that I like to walk for my workouts! Here is my trail.

I can not wait to share with all of you how it goes! Keep me in your thoughts while you are watching the Rose Bowl Parade! 
However, the 5K isn’t the only thing that I will be doing starting tomorrow! I am also joining in with 2 more challenges from ChallengeLoop. 
So right off the bat I am getting into some ab workouts. I need it…not gonna lie and this just seem perfect. There is even a calender that I can follow for when to workout those abs! Plus this challenge is also making sure that I take a picture of myself doing the abs! 
Then there is the Awkward is Awesome Challenge! On this one I will be doing a ‘New Physical Exercise’ and posting a photo of it! Since there is quite a few exercises out there that I haven’t even tried yet, I am really looking forward to it! 
Okay and finally, I wanted to share with you all something that the Hubby has made me for this Blog and the New Year Goals!
This is called an Achievement Board! I got the idea from one of the wonderful ladies over at #elf4health facebook page. She got the idea from a Hallmark Christmas Movie, and I am not sure where they got the idea. But, anyways, I showed the Hubby her Achievement Board idea and he came up for one for me! Any and all artistic ability so I was really excited that he wanted to do this for me! 
I just filled in the goals. They are set in Goals for 4 that get progressively harder, at least I think they get harder. So from Left to Right!
  • Finish the Commitment Day 5K
  • Finish the Color Run 5K
  • Finish the Couch to 5K 
  • Run a 10K
  • #MeatlessMonday
  • Drink more Water 
  • Use Healthy Subs
  • No More Reg Soda
  • Lose 5 Pounds
  • Lose 10 Pounds
  • Lose 20 Pounds
  • Lose 40 Pounds
  • Exercise 3x a week
  • Try a New Exercise once a Month
  • Go on a Fit-Cation
I can color those goals in as I reach them, and I can add more if there is something I need to work towards! 
Okay NeverEver’s, there is a Friends then a Family’s party I got to get to then I need to hit the sack for the race tomorrow. I will share everything with you on how it goes once I come back! 
Have a Safe and Wonderful New Years!

2 thoughts on “A New Year , A New Me!

  1. How cool! This is an awesome idea! I'm going to do losing jars. I have set up 2 glass jars, one with marbles and the other without. As I lose pounds, I will add marbles to the “lost” jar to show my progress!

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