Last Day of January Review + Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s!

Today is the last day January and I am trying to understand where this month has gone? And although I can not answer that question I am pretty sure I am happy with how this month played out…at least in everything except for the lack of job -_-.

So what where my highlights this month?

Well most recently I found out that my pants are loose! And these are my size 14 jeans that are loose. To say that I was happy was a slight understatement. The best part of loose jeans…when you sit down you don’t get a red ring around your stomach! 
I also did my first ever Boot Camp this month! It was so much fun and well worth the $15 to get my @ss kicked! All in a great way of course. Now all that is needed is a job so I can keep going. But, I do have to say that the trainer makes all the difference and I really fell in love with Greg LeFever. So don’t forget to check him out…because well he is awesome! 
I also pushed my workout boundaries with a few new ones and one that hasn’t been done in a really…really long time! First off was the Nike Training Club which was intense. As I am sure you can tell by my face I am dying by the end of it, but what was really nice I wasn’t overly sore the next day! 

And then there was the new 30 minute classes by LesMills & 24 Hour Fitness. I really do love these because if I only had energy for one or was in a hurry they are perfect. Intense and focused. The first time I did this it was a spare of the moment ‘hey you’ve been sick but better now so get to the gym’ type mood. But, it was so awesome that I did the CXWork & BodyCombat. For CXWork the stomach and love handles were worked and in BodyCombat it was MMA styled cardio workout! 
The second time I did this the trainer did the BodyCombact first then the CXWork so when it was done I felt like I had my second wind I did an hour of Zumba afterwards. As you can tell by the face, after the first hour I was good…then the second one I was TIRED! Well worth it though and I can not wait to do it again!
But this month hasn’t all been good. I have been having a hard time with finding a new job, or better yet career, and I am having all the stress that it brings. I even ended up eating a whole 16oz of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Which of course was not awesome at all but it felt better after writing it all down and making a dedicated effort to get out of the house and working out. 
And finally, yes this is the last one before we get on to the Motivation Part ^_^, after finally coming to terms and showing you all that I had a weight gain. Plus trying to hide said weight gain. It was time to get on a weekly schedule of weighing myself. Yup, now Friday’s are Weigh In Days! It isn’t easy…I would rather just show you loose pants, but it is necessary to show and record my weight! 

Now that was this Month in Review! Shall we get on to the Motivation now? Yes, I totally agree ^_^

See you all tomorrow NeverEver’s with my Weigh In!

Chicken Nuggets – Always Delicious

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Tuesday…is it Friday yet? No well that is just a shame. But, I did just find out that the Hubby has Thursday and Friday off so I get to enjoy that.

At least today I stuck with the plan. The Monday Weekly Schedule! And that is a BIG plus for me…I am notorious for not following a plan, but I am making a dedicated effort to follow this plan.

First off is my run for a day!

So far this is my furthest run with Nike+ and I am getting faster. I did walk / jogging interval today and man did it feel great to be out of the house and moving! I even was able to stop and take a wonderful sunset pic!

This is one of the reasons why if I am going to go walk / jog I am not going to head to the gym it is always going to be outside! Beautiful Nature! But once I got home it was time to feed the Hubby. He was hungry ^_^

I was really craving chicken nuggets, kind of feeling like I wanted to re-experience my childhood ^_~. But, I really didn’t want all the fat that comes with nuggets. So I made them healthier.

2 egg whites, Fresh & Easy Italian Bread Crumbs and 2 sprays of Olive Oil. I didn’t add anything else and it was delicious!

And here is the finished product! Veggies, Spinach and Chicken Nuggets! It met with the approval of the hubby and my own stomach. 
Two meals down and both ended with success! 
So I succeed with both of my goals today and I do have to say that it is a great feeling. Can not wait for tomorrow’s Asian Style Steak & Nike Training Club! 
Oh and before I forget, I did do my AB exercises as well. It felt great doing them again, although I am sure I will be sore tomorrow!
Don’t I look so pretty ^_~ 
See you all tomorrow NeverEver’s!

Monday: A Week of Planning

Hey NeverEver’s!

So Sunday went away before I even knew it was gone. Which is why I didn’t post yesterday…I was sucked into playing a game all day. Oops. 
But I made up for it today…Monday that is ^_^
Yup I totally agree with the dog. It would be so much better if there was no such thing as a Monday Morning. But, because the world doesn’t want to listen to us morning haters (they really should) the morning started off slow. 
What was really important though, since I was preoccupied yesterday, was to go grocery shopping for this weeks meals. Planning is half the battle right? So it was time to get started. 
So here is the cooking plan ^_^
Meatless Monday: Tomato Soup w/ Cheese & Avocado Sandwich 
Tuesday: Chicken Nuggets w/ Veggies & Salad

Wednesday: Steak Asian Style 

Thursday: Orange & Herb Chicken Strips

Friday: Left Overs

Saturday: Most likely eating out because of the 5k

Sunday: Chicken & Waffles 
Yup so that is the plan and I am basically going to be playing around and not really following any certain recipe. 
The idea is to use fresh vegetables, fruit and meat with no preservatives and other un-healthy things. I never really did anything like this before and it is going to be really fun to share all of this with you! 
Who knows I might create something awesome? Probably not…I would be happy that it is edible and the family likes it. 
So today’s meal was pretty awesome!
Hello Tomato soup with cheese & avocado sandwiches!  With the weather being cold and really windy outside it was soup kind of weather. Since I remembered that tomato soup and sandwich that I got by one of my assignments last year…I wanted to recreate it. 
It almost worked ^_^. The soup tasted so good but it didn’t have the ‘spiciness’ that the restaurant soup did. But it did hit the spot and my Mother in Law share a sandwich with me. 
So the soup was just normal tomato soup and some extra water. Nothing fancy but man did it taste good! Now the sandwich was with sourdough bread, 4 slices of provolone cheese, 1 Kraft Low Fat American Cheese, and half avocado. No butter, or oil. Just toasted the bread using the George Foreman Gill and it was delicious! 
This is the weeks plan for food. Now on to exercise. 
Now I did make it to Day 7, which is 1/14, and I HAVE to finish this AB exercise. I know that it is almost the end of the month but I also know I said I would finish it! So I will be finishing this. Tomorrow is going to be Week 3 Day 2 Exercise! 
So, yup, I am going to be finishing this even after everyone else has been finished. However, this isn’t the only thing I will be doing this week. Here is the plan!
Monday: Rest Day (not on purpose but it happened)

Tuesday: Week 3 – Day 2 AB Exercise / Jog 2.2 miles (not sure if at gym or outside)

Wednesday: Nike Training Club 

Thursday: Week 3 -Day 3 AB Exercise / Jog 3.2 miles (not sure if at gym or outside)

Friday: Rest Day – Maybe a walk to loosen up the muscles for the Color Run

Saturday: Color Run 5k

Sunday: Rest Day

And that is my plan. Can’t wait to share with all of you my weekly success! Plus maybe some recipes?!?
Have a great Monday NeverEver’s! See you all tomorrow

Friday Weigh In

Hey NeverEver’s!

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a quick day at work that is now ending and you are ready for the WEEKEND! I know that I am…if only cause the Hubby is with me not because I actually need more time at home ^_^.
So as I mentioned yesterday I had a surprise for all of you today! I have decided that Friday’s will be my weigh in day. It is something that I haven’t been doing with any regularity and I just can’t allow that to keep happening. Not only is this for this blog, it is a weight loss blog after all, but for me to keep a better accountability on myself. 
With that being said I would like to put my weight out there and just start this thing ^_~. 
I am currently at
Which is less then my first official weigh in on this blog and a total of 17 pounds down from when I lost my mind during my confession
With all of that being said…I am (kiddies turn your eyes away) DAMN proud of myself! Could I be doing better? Yes. Am I just losing the same weight that I had already lost before? Kind of (I did lose 2 extra pounds ^_^). But with everything I am very proud of myself. 
4 pounds away from getting out of the 200’s and I am ready to leave that number behind! 
Okay so that was the surprise! I hope it was worth it ^_^. This will be a thing every Friday for the foreseeable future. 
Have a wonderful weekend NeverEver’s! See you all on Sunday!  

Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s!

I would like to mention that I hate…no loath my internet. One little itty bitty storm and it goes in and out all of yesterday. It was so annoying that I just stopped trying and didn’t use the computer the rest of the day. It was either that or throw the computer against the wall. I mean I know it isn’t the computers fault but it was soooo annoying.

Anyways, today is Motivational Thursday and it is time to get our Motivation On!!!!

I have used all of these excuses…but I can do it!

Need to have this on repeat!

This is so true! 

So NeverEver’s! Stay strong through this weekend! There is going to be a surprise tomorrow. For a small hint it is another ‘Weekly Post’ ^_^. I can not wait to reveal it all to you tomorrow!

Motivation is Everywhere

Hey NeverEver’s

Welcome to Tuesday! After yesterday’s small pity party I woke up today ready to make sure that I didn’t take another back step. So after reading a little bit and having some breakfast it was time to get down to business.

It was job hunting time. Went on the normal sites, Linkedin, Monster, CareerBuilder and everything in between. Updating my resume, cover letter and putting the same information about past jobs. Before I even knew what happened it had been 6 hours on the computer. 
Yup, I spent 6 hours on the computer just applying and clicking. I have to say I was quite surprised of how many jobs are out there. It is something to be thankful for, it looks like the economy is on the upward trend ^_^.  I also have to say that looking and applying to all those really can tire you out. 
And while I was resting from the computer I had a few thoughts about motivation and how I can keep it going. This is what I came up with. 
Motivation is Everywhere 
Yup it as simple…and as complicated as that. So what can I do to make sure I am not only surrounded by motivation but to make sure that if I do have any more pity parties that it wont derail my whole day or week or life. 
Here is what I came up with:
  • Remember. It is extremely important to remember the reason why everything was started. Why did I want to lose weight? Why am I trying to change my life? 
  • Surround. To surround myself with reasons why I can’t give up. Just seeing one of my Motivational Thursday or surfing through Pinterest. I have recently joined a few Facebook pages that surround me with awesome motivation in itself.
  • Involved. It is really hard to be down in the dumps when your involved in my fitness related TwitterChats or Surfing other Blogs. They have a tendency to remind me why I am doing this.
  • Move. Get out of the house. Somehow, someway just get moving. Either the gym, the park or just moving in the house. 
I do hope that this helps more then just myself. 
On a finishing note I did my first 3 mile walk / jog since my First 5k. It felt really great to get out of the house and get those miles done. 
With the Color Run only 11 days away I really don’t feel ready. So what do I do when I don’t feel ready? I sign myself up for another 5k. Yup I signed up for the Love Mud Run on 2/16/13. Cannot wait to share THOSE pictures with Mud all of me ^_^. I think I even got the Hubby to join me on this one. I will have an update if that is a go tomorrow.
Okay NeverEver’s that is it for tonight. Have a great one!

Pity – Party of One Your Table is Ready

Hey NeverEver’s!

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had an amazing one. Especially since today is Martin Luther King Day. This day is one that I hope the younger generation understands and respects. It is so important for equality and freedom for everyone!

I do have to admit that today I have been going a little stir crazy in the house. Not sure if it is a little bit of self pity with me not having a job right now or just plain boredom. Probably a little bit of both. Sadly enough my ‘pity party’ extended over to my eating habits today.

I went through a whole 16oz really delicious Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream by myself. It was gone before I even knew it. To make matters worse…or maybe better not sure…it gave me a huge stomach ache. At least now I know my body can’t handle that stuff anymore.

My body is changing and my choices are now usually on the up and up. But, if I don’t watch my thoughts or my feelings I can un-do all the changes that I am making slowly but surely.

I will admit that I have eaten my feelings before. It is something that is so easy to do and it does make you feel better while I am eating. But, afterwards, it isn’t worth it. Feelings of guilt, frustration, anger and worthlessness all happen at once. Sadly, it usually wants to make me eat more.

I know that one 16oz of ice cream isn’t going to derail me much. But, the feelings, well those are harder to get under control. It is something that I am still working on and will continue to make headway. I think that admitting that I have a habit of eating my feelings is one of the hardest things to do. Also, knowing that it has happened and that my body didn’t want to accept it makes it a little better then before.

It wasn’t easy to write this post. It is always so much easier to pretend that mistakes don’t happen. That people don’t eat their feelings or eat a whole thing of delicious ice cream. But, because it wasn’t easy and I didn’t want to write this, that is why it is so important to write it.

I will see you all tomorrow NeverEver’s!