Commitment Day – First 5K!

Hey NeverEver’s!

First off I hope everyone’s first day in the New Year has been amazing and filled with not only loved ones but some kind of physical activity!

So my New Years was basically just like any other New Years with the Hubby! We dress up, we head out with friends, and then end up with the family for the count down! 
 However, this year instead of bring some beer to the party, I made two of +Elle Curtin wonderful Spinach Goatichoke Dip for both the friends party and the family’s party! It was a great success and it saved me from eating to many pizza slices! 

The party did last late into the night, hey I am used to being in bed by 10-ish, so Midnight is late! But it was tons of fun to see some of my old friends and just be crazy with them, and then to go and head over to the family and know that we are all together for the New Year!

But I did have to leave right after the stroke of Midnight. Not because my car was going to turn into a pumpkin but, because I had an early morning!

A really early 5am wake up call. I really struggled with that but thank goodness they had the registration open until 7am! Finally made it to Long Beach for the Commitment Day Race and boy was it cold!
Got my number and all the awesome Commitment Day items. A shirt (will wear it tomorrow), the backpack that is shown, and a ‘Commitment Day’ Journal! It has a weekly schedule that has a place for ‘Weekly Goals‘ & at the end it has ‘Thoughts on how I am doing‘. So I can keep my goals small and manageable! I will be showing all of you that tomorrow!

One of my favorite things about this race is the had a Commitment Board where you could place your ‘I Commit To’ Goals! My personal goal is ‘To Finally Live a Healthy Life!’. I am committed to this goal!

My poor Hubby was so cold but he was here to support me on my first 5K! I love you Hubby and promise the next 5K will be in warmer month! 

Here the race was just about to begin. It was amazing that not only was everyone at the Long Beach 5K running but so was 30 other cities races were running at the same time! It felt really great to know that we were all starting the New Year right!

And there I go! Sadly I do not have my ‘ending’ shots because the Hubby was recording it, but I need to edit it before I can show it. Apparently, the Hubby didn’t know it was recording. 
But my time was 48.30 for my first 5k. I know I can do better in my next race, but this is my time for my first race and I am proud of it! I will be training for my next 5K the Color Run and I will break this record! I know I can do it! 
So as this was the first day of January it was the first day of the Ab’s Challenge! To tell the truth I wasn’t sure if I was even going to be able to do this, I mean with the 5K and being tired. But I wanted to do it, I need to start this year off right!

But I was only able to do 1 circuit of the ab’s routine, which is shown above, and not at all the 1 min Abdominal Hold. That move is wow…I can’t hold my weight up on my arms, but I will be working on that. 
And here is my #proof of my workout! I decided, after seeing it on the ChallengeLoop challenge (say that 3 times fast lol), that I will make Hubby take my picture while I do the exercise! 
So NeverEver’s, Happy New Years and lets make this year our best year ever! 

3 thoughts on “Commitment Day – First 5K!

  1. I was the last person to cross the finish line at my first triathlon, but I didn't care. I was doing it to prove to myself that I could, and that was that! The good news? SO many people waited to cheer me across! Even the “pros”. It was an amazing feeling that took away from the fact I was closing up the course!

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