Buttoning Up & Running

Hey NeverEver’s!

How is your weekend going? Mine has passed slowly, but i think that is because with me not working almost everyday is like the weekend…and that is no fun at all!

But I am applying like crazy so I will have a new job, something that I can sink my teeth into, by the end of this month. I just know it!

Anyways, I have some Challenge Updates for you all. Really working hard on getting that AB Challenge on!

On the good new side, I FINALLY, was able to do both circuits. But it did take me a LOT longer in the 15 minutes it should have. We now have a new week of exercises. Which I am happy about…I still couldn’t do that AB hold for nothing. 

Personally, I am thinking that week 2 seems easier then week 1 (there is no Burpee’s!) but I guess I will find out tomorrow if that is true or not.

Oh and I am looking forward to those Ski Moguls, already working on my jump and bend! Feeling my stomach get smaller!

So, I am sure you all remember about my Goal to do a Detox with the help from Kelly over at No Sugar Sweet Life. Well after talking to her about me being sick it was decided that I will start on Monday. Yup tomorrow, I will be following a plan (oh my) and really cleaning out my body! 
If you guys want to join me here is Day 1 – 5 Plan! I am personally looking forward to that Cherry/Apple Bake! It just looks so good and perfect for days that are in the 50 degree’s! 
So you might be wondering why I am showing swimwear in the beginning of January. Especially with me just talking about how its been only 50 degrees. Well, I don’t blame you for wondering but this is all Steph’s from Kitehenkm fault! She created a new challenge that I just couldn’t pass up. 
It is called the #ButtonUp Challenge
The idea behind it is that we all have something in the back of the closet or drawers that we keep even if we can’t wear it. It is the ‘One Day outfit’ that we all hope that ‘One Day’ we will fit into again. Well the purpose of this challenge is to take it out of that dark closet and use it for motivation! 
And these two swimsuits are going to be my #ButtonUp challenge outfit! Last year I was able to put on the bottoms (not flattering at all) but not the yellow boy shorts. So although the challenge does say ‘Put on the clothes’ I am unable to do that with this outfit. But I will be trying it on this time next month to see the difference that I have made!
So I hope you join Steph and I in this challenge. Take a picture of that outfit and take a picture with it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, add #ButtonUp to it and take a step on getting that outfit out of the closet and onto you! 
I know you guys have seen this new button to the right of the page. But I just realized that I haven’t explained or even talked about it since putting it up. Oops I am sorry about that ^_^. 
Let me explain. This year, 2013, is going to be my year. I have completed my first 5K and I have another one coming up on February 2nd the Color Run. This year I will be pushing my boundaries and finding myself in fitness. And with that in mind I decided to push myself into Learning How to Run! Yup, I am going to evolve from walking and get into running! 
So when I saw this Running Year Challenge from the wonderful Pavement Runner site I knew it was perfect for me. I will be running 2,013 miles in 2013
Still looking for the perfect way to show my Running Miles, but currently I am at 5 miles! Which is more then I ever ran before! 
So those are my new challenges for this year! I can not wait to show everyone, myself included, that I CAN make 2013 the year for me! I do hope you will join me this year! 

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