The First Monday

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to the first Monday of the New Year! How does it feel? For me I didn’t even realize it was the ‘First Monday’ until I looked at a calender. But then again I am not all that great with dates.

However, what I did wake up to was the knowledge that today was the first day of my ‘Natural Re-Boot’ from No Sugar Sweet Life, Kelly, and it was on!

For Breakfast:

Breakfast was a warmed up 1 apple with cinnamon. It was also supposed to have some Nutmeg & Cherries but I couldn’t find either of them and I was hungry! So I stayed with the basic and Oh My It tasted like Fall! 
Lunch was next and it was really good! It came with carrots (no corn oops), orange bell peppers  spinach & instead of dressing I choose to have some goat cheese. Have to say it tasted pretty good! The original had some beans in it and well…I am NOT a fan of beans.
Dinner (currently eating it) is pretty good. Never in a million years would I have thought that having ONLY veggies would actually taste good! The bigger shocker is that it is filling me up!?!?! This lovely creation is snow peas, carrots, and supposed to be water chestnuts but I changed to normal peanuts. It has a very ‘Asian-ie’ taste to it. 

So Day 1 is now behind me. There was moments in the day where I was thinking, okay dreaming, about getting a burger, or a parfait, but I didn’t and I am really proud of myself for that! Apparently Day 2 is the day where you feel sluggish, and headache-y, and all the other No Bueno feelings. Will let you guys know how it goes!

Also, I have just noticed that I did a #MeatlessMonday! Yay me!!!

Today is also Day 4 for the 30 Day Ab’s Challenge!

With all new exercises and man did they hit hard! I was only able to do 1 circuit but I will work my way up to doing 2 just like last week! I am sorry if these photos were a little blurry but that is because this circuit is such a ‘Go, Go, GO’ workout!

But even with these workouts, and man did they work up a sweat, that is not what I am most proud of today!

I, after weeks and well weeks, made it into the Gym today! I even got on my favorite machine, the rower, and then on to the treadmill.

I wasn’t able to do much more then this because my right foot is still giving me issues. But on the good news, I think my foot is on the mend! I am able to go longer and with less pain!
So that was the First Monday of the New Year for me. Now, I am currently waiting for the Biggest Loser to start on the West Coast (no satellite) and I am not being very patient about it. 
What was your day like? Ever had foot pain that started out of no where on your arch? 

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