Confessions, Exercise & Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s!

As you can tell by the title this post is going to be big. At least I think that it is going to be big! So let me start and see if you guys agree with me ^_^


Two weeks ago I went to the doctors and like normal they weighed me. At this point I haven’t been weighed since September 25th, I know I know a very long time, and at that time I was at 205. I haven’t even thought about my weight because my clothes were feeling looser and I was happy with that. Well that all went away after the weigh in.

I was at 220! I couldn’t believe it. I weighed more then I have ever been and I felt all the feelings that comes with that knowledge.

Disappointment, Self-Loathing, Failure, And just wanting to give up.

So why didn’t I share this on my blog? This is a place for my WeightLoss Journey, the good and the bad. Goodness, knows I have share the bad with all of you before. I am not afraid to look like a fool because I learn that way.

The reason why I didn’t share isn’t any of the feelings above but because I didn’t want to acknowledge that I weighed that much. If I wrote it down I acknowledged that it was true, it was so much easier to just ignore it.  I did keep telling myself that I need to re-weigh myself before doing the Re-Boot but I didn’t around to it. I even went to the gym on Monday but I STILL didn’t weigh in. 

After some really deep thinking I knew I had to weigh myself again. How else can I keep myself accountable? I mean I gained 15 pounds when I didn’t even know that I did. Measuring by my clothes isn’t cutting it. So I weighed myself after my workout yesterday…

And I lost 12 pounds! Although as the Hubby mentioned I am just losing what I had gained, and not even all of it, I still lost 12 pounds! So that means I am currently at 205.

Apparently, I am doing something right with my workouts and my eating, so that means I am going to KEEP doing what I am doing.


I have to tell you all about the class I took yesterday. One I wasn’t even going to take and I currently have a Love / Hate relationship with!

Yup, 24 Hour Fitness now has a Nike Training Club and at my current club it is on Tuesday & Wednesday. I will not lie to you all it was a HARD and INTENSE class. There was moments when I couldn’t continue and I had to take a break. Also, I didn’t know there was so many types of ‘Burpees’ out there! So many different versions that we had to do, and I still can’t pop up like I am supposed to.

I will be going back next week. And today I WILL be making up my 30 Day AB Challenge workout. I was supposed to do them yesterday but with the Nike Training Club…well I had no more energy for anything.

Oh, I keep forgetting to bring this challenge up. It is the Running Reboot Challenge hosted by Fit Approach (SweatPink).

The idea behind this challenge is to go running 3x for 4 weeks and once a week do something new. Since I am a novice runner…everything I do will be new!

So far I have ‘walked-jogged’ 4 miles this week! This is a new high for me…at least the highest I have recorded, not counting Commitment Day, ^_^.

 If you noticed I have a new widgit on the top right hand side of the page. It is my new Daily Mile! I will be using this to track my miles this year so I can get to my goal of 2,013 miles by the end of the year!

I do believe that wraps up all my Confessions & Exercise portion of the day. Lets move on to the Fun and Motivational Thursday Pictures!

So NeverEver’s, I want to thank you all for being with me through this and although I don’t know you all personally you reading this has given me Motivation to not only continue but to do better then ever before. I do hope that these pictures all get you ready for the weekend and to keep working out! I know they do for me!

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