Friday’s Diet Decisions & Running

Hey NeverEver’s!

Happy Friday! Isn’t it great that we made it through the week and into the glorious weekend? Have to say I am excited for this weekend…if only because of the Hubby’s game Packers vs 49’ers. Since my team didn’t make it to the playoff’s it is now time to go all into the Hubby’s team.

Then again with a teammate like that…I think I can root for them ^_~. When you think your ready to tear your eyes away from those ab’s…there are more words below ^_^
However, besides how sexy the Packer team may or may not be I do have other things that I want to share with all of you! Some of the decisions that I have come to. 
First off, I have decided to stop doing the Re-Boot from Kelly over @ No Sugar Sweet Life. Now this has NOTHING to do with the week that I have had. It has been a very enlightening week where I have discovered that it is possible to eat smaller meals without processed food. Shocking right? 
My decision really has to do with the Week 2. Which is the Juicing Week and that is the issue. There was several Juicing recipes this week and I only have a blender. And there is the issue, I only have a blender not a juicer and at this point in time my finances I can not justify spending the money for a juicer. 
For those of you who, like me, thought there is no difference between a Juicer & Blender. There is, oh there is a difference in taste, texture, and nutrients. 
And this leads me to the next topic of ‘Decisions’!
Since, I have decided not to finish the Re-Boot I had to come up with something new that will get me where I want to be. Not eating out all the time, Continuing to stay away from soda, and of course to help me lose weight. After searching around a little bit and finally picking up my nook (it has been so long that it is gathering dust *cry*) I found my substitution. 
I am finally going to be doing one of the Jump Starts from Self Magazine. This one is a little more unique since it doesn’t actually involve a lot of cooking, mainly just microwave & blender. It also allows for eating out as well, kind of like Weight Watchers and their points. 
Here is a sample of what I will be doing!
So this is my plan. Getting the food tomorrow and I will let you guys know the price of all the groceries. 
Okay guys that is what I wanted to update you all on with the ‘Diet’ Decisions. I want to end today with my #proof!

Thursday’s 30 Day AB Challenge was on! I didn’t make it on Wednesday as I was doing Nike Training Club, which was intense. My superman’s look so silly ^_^
And today, it was going to be a rest day. I was sore…I wasn’t in the mood to workout…but I did want the gym’s sauna. I went to the gym for the sauna and it inspired me to get up on the treadmill. Even though it is shorter then my last run it was faster! 
Only good things can come with me continuing to jog it out! 
Okay NeverEver’s, have a great weekend and remember to root for the packers! See you all on Saturday

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