Sunday = Planday

Hey NeverEver’s!

Yesterday was a little bit of a disappointment but only in the NFL sense. Poor Hubby’s team did not win the game against the 49’ers. So now both of our teams haven’t made it any further this season…but there is always next year, right?

Anyways, besides the game, Saturday was an awesome day filled with hanging out with one of my Best Friends, exchanging clothes, and getting over to the gym. Best part of my gym day?
I made it 10 MINUTES on the StairMaster without dying! Oh I was so happy! There was a time I couldn’t even make it to 10 minutes without giving up and walking away. Yesterday was 10 minutes…tomorrow the World! Okay joking about the World but I would settle when I can make it up to 20 minutes!!
However, my main goal over at the gym was doing a weight routine. And well I am feeling it today…apparently especially in my ‘gluteus maximus‘. Did my normal machine and bosu ball routine, one of these days I will post the workout here…once I figure it out anyways. 
I do have some other big news! Okay maybe not BIG news but it is Brag Worthy News
I got the above outfit as a Large! Yup that is right a LARGE, not an XL or, can’t believe I am saying this but, XXL! The best part…it fits great too! So I am ready for Valentines Day a little early but it was way to cute to pass up. 
Told ya that it was Brag Worthy News ^_~
In some other news, I know there seems to be a lot today, I am almost ready for all my recipes next week! Which of course the ideas came from Self Magazine Jump Start and looking at most of the food it looks great, just hoping it tastes good too! Don’t worry I will let you guys know ^_^.
Challenge Updates! 
I signed up for a new 5K! If you are new here, WELCOME, my first 5k was Commitment Day 5k and I have another one coming up on 2/2/13 the Color Run! However, since I am trying to do 13 5k’s in 2013 I needed to sign up for 11 more and I found a really fun one!
It looks like a TON of fun and they even drop ‘Glow Water’ in some places so when it is finished your basically all neon-y ^_^. The San Diego version of this run is on April 13th so I hope you guys will come and join!! 
That will be 3 down and 10 more to go…oy! 
I know there is quite a few bloggers, and others, that are doing this challenge. It is amazing and I really do feel it in my pansita (tummy)! We are already in Week 3 and yes I am still a day behind on the exercises, I blame the Nike Training Club ^_^. Not sure if I am just going to tack on an extra day at the end or double up my workouts…decisions decisions. 
Here is Week 3 circuit. I had to look up ‘Running Man’, ‘Plank Jacks’ and ‘Push Through’, man there is so many exercises I never even heard of -_-. But, I am learning…slowly but surely. 
Okay NeverEver’s it is time to go get my grocery’s that I need for next week and to end today being with the Hubby. Hope you all have a great rest of your Sunday! 

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