Monday Challenge Up Date

Hey NeverEver’s!

Happy Monday! Okay every time I say that…I can’t help but think about Frosty saying ‘Happy Birthday’.

Yup, I know I am weird ^_~

Anyways, I hope you all have had a great Monday! Mine was pretty awesome since I started my new part time temp assignment. This is the first time I have ever worked Part Time and I do have to say it is totally different then working Full Time.

But, it will be a new experience and I am looking forward to it!

Time for my Challenge Update!

I am still a day behind but I am going to be labeling today as Day 7. Still trying to decide how I am going to make up Day 6 ^_^.

So I am now on Week 3 of the Challenge and I have to admit, again, that there is so many ‘ab’ exercises that I didn’t even know existed! Also, I am very happy to admit that the Hubby actually went through the exercises with me and he totally felt it. 
I am having so much fun doing this challenge…and with other Sweat Pink Ambassadors then I ever thought I would have running. Or in my case walking with some jogging thrown in. Yesterday I decided to throw in a walk before I called it a night. 
So far I am LOVING the Nike+ app on the Galaxy 2! It tells me when I did a mile and how fast (or slow) my 2nd mile is compared to my first. I am still working on getting up to 3 miles but I will get there, I know it! 
I did 9 miles. I actually did 9 miles in 1 week. Since this is my first week recording I know I can only go up but I am still pretty excited over that little number. Can I actually make it to 2,013 miles before the end of the year? I am not sure but I will try my hardest! 

So really other then the updates I don’t have that much to share today. There is a new #FitBlog chat tomorrow featuring Alex Meyer and it is all about ‘Changing Up Your Routine’! I do hope you will stop by either on Twitter or Tweetchat. Starts tomorrow at 9pm EST which is 6pm PST (my time).

Have a great rest of your Monday NeverEvers! Hopefully, I have more to report on tomorrow ^_~

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