First Boot Camp!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Happy Sunday! I hope you all are having an amazing one, it is really nice weather here in So Cal…so nice that I am planning on stealing my Hubby and taking him hiking! YAY. I am literally bouncing around the whole house wanting to go.

But, since he is still sleeping – boo – I wanted to share with you ALL about my Boot Camp Experience!

Before yesterday I always wanted to try it but never got around to it but, I knew one day I would experience it. I just didn’t think it would be as awesome as it was!

As I mentioned on Thursday…I am not one for early hours at all. I am a night owl that enjoys working out with the moon. But, it seems that the whole idea behind Boot Camp is for you to get outta bed as early as possible and get you moving before you figure out what is going on. So I woke up early, drove to my friends place and then we drove to Primal Justice and I ran into…

Greg LeFever of LeFever Wellness. He gave out hugs when we first came in because ‘we would hate him soon enough‘ and that got my attention. So I settled my things on the side and he put us on the treadmill to warm up. Soon enough the rest of the group got there and we started the workout.

It was interval training at its finest! Each black cone represented a different exercise and by the end of it your whole body was trained! The exercises were
  • Plank with Hip Lifts – Each Side
  • Plank with Push-Up’s 
  • Weighted Squats on a Box Jump
  • Wall Ball Throws
  • Cone Running 
  • Punching Bag Throw
  • Plank with Triceps Kickback
  • Jogging in place with an Ankle Band
  • Ball Planks
We did this twice full time and then if that wasn’t enough we did it one more time! I am not afraid to admit that I was dying by the time the first round was done ^_^. 
But, what made it possible to finish was not only the individual attention that we all got from Greg but the fact he modified the workouts for the first timers! I also loved the fact that although it was challenging I could do it. It wasn’t so impossible that I felt defeated. Even a day after I feel it in my muscles but I can still move. 
So would I do this again some Saturday? Yup! I would highly recommend this, because even if you are working out at the gym this will hit spots you didn’t know you had! If your in or ever will be in the Orange County area check out this Boot Camp. You won’t regret it ^_^
Okay so the Hubby is finally up so it is time for breakfast and to get that hike on! Can’t wait to take some pictures!
Have a great rest of Sunday and if you have tomorrow off enjoy it! Oh and don’t forget to like Greg on Facebook. He always has something motivational to say! 

3 thoughts on “First Boot Camp!

  1. I’m glad that your boot camp experience worked out well. Some perceive boot camps as a harsh fitness environment. But the idea is to get you disciplined and focused on your fitness routine. When you get the hang of it, you will learn to appreciate the environment and the activities.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed your first boot camp experience, and I’m happy that you want to try it again. I think you must now include it in your weekly schedule. Boot camp is really fun, because you’ll experience different types of workout. Meeting new friends is a plus. ->Kristine Remsen

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