Pity – Party of One Your Table is Ready

Hey NeverEver’s!

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had an amazing one. Especially since today is Martin Luther King Day. This day is one that I hope the younger generation understands and respects. It is so important for equality and freedom for everyone!

I do have to admit that today I have been going a little stir crazy in the house. Not sure if it is a little bit of self pity with me not having a job right now or just plain boredom. Probably a little bit of both. Sadly enough my ‘pity party’ extended over to my eating habits today.

I went through a whole 16oz really delicious Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream by myself. It was gone before I even knew it. To make matters worse…or maybe better not sure…it gave me a huge stomach ache. At least now I know my body can’t handle that stuff anymore.

My body is changing and my choices are now usually on the up and up. But, if I don’t watch my thoughts or my feelings I can un-do all the changes that I am making slowly but surely.

I will admit that I have eaten my feelings before. It is something that is so easy to do and it does make you feel better while I am eating. But, afterwards, it isn’t worth it. Feelings of guilt, frustration, anger and worthlessness all happen at once. Sadly, it usually wants to make me eat more.

I know that one 16oz of ice cream isn’t going to derail me much. But, the feelings, well those are harder to get under control. It is something that I am still working on and will continue to make headway. I think that admitting that I have a habit of eating my feelings is one of the hardest things to do. Also, knowing that it has happened and that my body didn’t want to accept it makes it a little better then before.

It wasn’t easy to write this post. It is always so much easier to pretend that mistakes don’t happen. That people don’t eat their feelings or eat a whole thing of delicious ice cream. But, because it wasn’t easy and I didn’t want to write this, that is why it is so important to write it.

I will see you all tomorrow NeverEver’s!

9 thoughts on “Pity – Party of One Your Table is Ready

  1. Hi! I just found your blog through Running for Dummies and I just wanted to say I definitely related to this and used to be an emotional eater too. I still do it sometimes (celebrating with birthday cake for example) but I've gotten much better, and the first step was definitely to admit it. Something that really helped me was to stop and write down how I felt and what I wanted to eat whenever the urge struck. Just pausing to think about my actions made a huge difference!

  2. Oh first off I LOVE being found! Makes me so happy ^_^. Secondly, you are so right… admitting is half the battle and it is sometimes the hardest part. Thank you for the advise! I love the idea of just taking a few extra seconds helps so much!

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