Friday Weigh In

Hey NeverEver’s!

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a quick day at work that is now ending and you are ready for the WEEKEND! I know that I am…if only cause the Hubby is with me not because I actually need more time at home ^_^.
So as I mentioned yesterday I had a surprise for all of you today! I have decided that Friday’s will be my weigh in day. It is something that I haven’t been doing with any regularity and I just can’t allow that to keep happening. Not only is this for this blog, it is a weight loss blog after all, but for me to keep a better accountability on myself. 
With that being said I would like to put my weight out there and just start this thing ^_~. 
I am currently at
Which is less then my first official weigh in on this blog and a total of 17 pounds down from when I lost my mind during my confession
With all of that being said…I am (kiddies turn your eyes away) DAMN proud of myself! Could I be doing better? Yes. Am I just losing the same weight that I had already lost before? Kind of (I did lose 2 extra pounds ^_^). But with everything I am very proud of myself. 
4 pounds away from getting out of the 200’s and I am ready to leave that number behind! 
Okay so that was the surprise! I hope it was worth it ^_^. This will be a thing every Friday for the foreseeable future. 
Have a wonderful weekend NeverEver’s! See you all on Sunday!  

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