Monday: A Week of Planning

Hey NeverEver’s!

So Sunday went away before I even knew it was gone. Which is why I didn’t post yesterday…I was sucked into playing a game all day. Oops. 
But I made up for it today…Monday that is ^_^
Yup I totally agree with the dog. It would be so much better if there was no such thing as a Monday Morning. But, because the world doesn’t want to listen to us morning haters (they really should) the morning started off slow. 
What was really important though, since I was preoccupied yesterday, was to go grocery shopping for this weeks meals. Planning is half the battle right? So it was time to get started. 
So here is the cooking plan ^_^
Meatless Monday: Tomato Soup w/ Cheese & Avocado Sandwich 
Tuesday: Chicken Nuggets w/ Veggies & Salad

Wednesday: Steak Asian Style 

Thursday: Orange & Herb Chicken Strips

Friday: Left Overs

Saturday: Most likely eating out because of the 5k

Sunday: Chicken & Waffles 
Yup so that is the plan and I am basically going to be playing around and not really following any certain recipe. 
The idea is to use fresh vegetables, fruit and meat with no preservatives and other un-healthy things. I never really did anything like this before and it is going to be really fun to share all of this with you! 
Who knows I might create something awesome? Probably not…I would be happy that it is edible and the family likes it. 
So today’s meal was pretty awesome!
Hello Tomato soup with cheese & avocado sandwiches!  With the weather being cold and really windy outside it was soup kind of weather. Since I remembered that tomato soup and sandwich that I got by one of my assignments last year…I wanted to recreate it. 
It almost worked ^_^. The soup tasted so good but it didn’t have the ‘spiciness’ that the restaurant soup did. But it did hit the spot and my Mother in Law share a sandwich with me. 
So the soup was just normal tomato soup and some extra water. Nothing fancy but man did it taste good! Now the sandwich was with sourdough bread, 4 slices of provolone cheese, 1 Kraft Low Fat American Cheese, and half avocado. No butter, or oil. Just toasted the bread using the George Foreman Gill and it was delicious! 
This is the weeks plan for food. Now on to exercise. 
Now I did make it to Day 7, which is 1/14, and I HAVE to finish this AB exercise. I know that it is almost the end of the month but I also know I said I would finish it! So I will be finishing this. Tomorrow is going to be Week 3 Day 2 Exercise! 
So, yup, I am going to be finishing this even after everyone else has been finished. However, this isn’t the only thing I will be doing this week. Here is the plan!
Monday: Rest Day (not on purpose but it happened)

Tuesday: Week 3 – Day 2 AB Exercise / Jog 2.2 miles (not sure if at gym or outside)

Wednesday: Nike Training Club 

Thursday: Week 3 -Day 3 AB Exercise / Jog 3.2 miles (not sure if at gym or outside)

Friday: Rest Day – Maybe a walk to loosen up the muscles for the Color Run

Saturday: Color Run 5k

Sunday: Rest Day

And that is my plan. Can’t wait to share with all of you my weekly success! Plus maybe some recipes?!?
Have a great Monday NeverEver’s! See you all tomorrow

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