Chicken Nuggets – Always Delicious

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Tuesday…is it Friday yet? No well that is just a shame. But, I did just find out that the Hubby has Thursday and Friday off so I get to enjoy that.

At least today I stuck with the plan. The Monday Weekly Schedule! And that is a BIG plus for me…I am notorious for not following a plan, but I am making a dedicated effort to follow this plan.

First off is my run for a day!

So far this is my furthest run with Nike+ and I am getting faster. I did walk / jogging interval today and man did it feel great to be out of the house and moving! I even was able to stop and take a wonderful sunset pic!

This is one of the reasons why if I am going to go walk / jog I am not going to head to the gym it is always going to be outside! Beautiful Nature! But once I got home it was time to feed the Hubby. He was hungry ^_^

I was really craving chicken nuggets, kind of feeling like I wanted to re-experience my childhood ^_~. But, I really didn’t want all the fat that comes with nuggets. So I made them healthier.

2 egg whites, Fresh & Easy Italian Bread Crumbs and 2 sprays of Olive Oil. I didn’t add anything else and it was delicious!

And here is the finished product! Veggies, Spinach and Chicken Nuggets! It met with the approval of the hubby and my own stomach. 
Two meals down and both ended with success! 
So I succeed with both of my goals today and I do have to say that it is a great feeling. Can not wait for tomorrow’s Asian Style Steak & Nike Training Club! 
Oh and before I forget, I did do my AB exercises as well. It felt great doing them again, although I am sure I will be sore tomorrow!
Don’t I look so pretty ^_~ 
See you all tomorrow NeverEver’s!

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