Last Day of January Review + Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s!

Today is the last day January and I am trying to understand where this month has gone? And although I can not answer that question I am pretty sure I am happy with how this month played out…at least in everything except for the lack of job -_-.

So what where my highlights this month?

Well most recently I found out that my pants are loose! And these are my size 14 jeans that are loose. To say that I was happy was a slight understatement. The best part of loose jeans…when you sit down you don’t get a red ring around your stomach! 
I also did my first ever Boot Camp this month! It was so much fun and well worth the $15 to get my @ss kicked! All in a great way of course. Now all that is needed is a job so I can keep going. But, I do have to say that the trainer makes all the difference and I really fell in love with Greg LeFever. So don’t forget to check him out…because well he is awesome! 
I also pushed my workout boundaries with a few new ones and one that hasn’t been done in a really…really long time! First off was the Nike Training Club which was intense. As I am sure you can tell by my face I am dying by the end of it, but what was really nice I wasn’t overly sore the next day! 

And then there was the new 30 minute classes by LesMills & 24 Hour Fitness. I really do love these because if I only had energy for one or was in a hurry they are perfect. Intense and focused. The first time I did this it was a spare of the moment ‘hey you’ve been sick but better now so get to the gym’ type mood. But, it was so awesome that I did the CXWork & BodyCombat. For CXWork the stomach and love handles were worked and in BodyCombat it was MMA styled cardio workout! 
The second time I did this the trainer did the BodyCombact first then the CXWork so when it was done I felt like I had my second wind I did an hour of Zumba afterwards. As you can tell by the face, after the first hour I was good…then the second one I was TIRED! Well worth it though and I can not wait to do it again!
But this month hasn’t all been good. I have been having a hard time with finding a new job, or better yet career, and I am having all the stress that it brings. I even ended up eating a whole 16oz of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Which of course was not awesome at all but it felt better after writing it all down and making a dedicated effort to get out of the house and working out. 
And finally, yes this is the last one before we get on to the Motivation Part ^_^, after finally coming to terms and showing you all that I had a weight gain. Plus trying to hide said weight gain. It was time to get on a weekly schedule of weighing myself. Yup, now Friday’s are Weigh In Days! It isn’t easy…I would rather just show you loose pants, but it is necessary to show and record my weight! 

Now that was this Month in Review! Shall we get on to the Motivation now? Yes, I totally agree ^_^

See you all tomorrow NeverEver’s with my Weigh In!

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