Motivational Thursday + End of Month Review

Hey NeverEver’s!

I can’t believe that it is already the end of February! It has been a month of quite a few ups and downs but I made it through all of them.

On the good news I will be getting a job in about 2 months (YAY). It will be in the medical field and the building (which is currently under construction, which is why it will be 2 months) is in the city where I live! So, I can walk to work ^_^. This is a HUGE weight off my mind, I know the light is at the end of the tunnel and that is making everything better!

Other good news, which I can’t really believe I did it, I did 3 5k’s this month! Last year I didn’t think I could do even 1.

The Color Run 5k

The Love Mud Run 5k

#Anywhere5k Virtual Run 5k

I have a total of 4 5k’s done for this year and still have another 9 more to go to complete the #13in2013 challenge. I will tell you guys all the truth. I never thought, when I first signed up for the challenge, that I would really go past my first 5k. But, I am proved to myself that I CAN do it and HAVE done it. I just needed to take that first step!

So, I really wanted to see what I was doing with my running. I mean I know that I can now go 3.1 miles (YAY) but there is room for improvement, as always, so I went do to Nike+ and got a 30 day review.

What I really want to concentrate on is my pace. I want to run a faster mile…or hell even run a mile without needing to walk. Currently my average pace is 18’05 and for Woman my age is it 12’28. So there is a 6 minute difference that I will be working on. 
But, even if my pace is 18’05 I wanted to see what I did this month. Personally, I felt that I haven’t done that much this month. 

But, this review shows me that I did more then I thought I did. Which is exactly what I needed to start March strong. I want to beat 28.05 miles next month, I am thinking 35 miles? Or maybe I should do more? Not sure yet.

So, I feel that I have been a little lazy this month, okay at times a LOT lazy, but it is something that I am working on. The fact that I know I have a job means so much to me. I have a purpose and a deadline to having to stay at home all the time. I have a deadline to when I can stop trying to figure out my bills and just live again. It isn’t here yet but it is closer then ever.

Well, now that I am motivated by my running goals, how about we start the Motivational Thursday!

Since today was a weight day, I did have to push myself not to stop!

This is true. I am going to be ready for the next few months!

I really thought that this was great. Simple and to the point!
The couch is comfortable but it will NEVER beat the feeling of going to the gym!

Since it is almost March and there is survey’s out there that say this is the time when people quit. Don’t quit! Just remember the reason why you are working out in the first place!  

The choice is always ours. If we give up or if we give it all we got! 
Okay NeverEver’s, I am SUPER tired from my workout today. I might even hit the bed early. See you all tomorrow!

A Day Without Power

Hey NeverEver’s!

I just went through the worst thing that can happen in modern society…I went without electric power for over 8 hours!

Now, I have seen people who, when they go on vacation, turn off their phones, put away their computers and just enjoy nature. And, I am not saying that is bad, in fact I usually enjoy it, BUT they are prepared for it. They know that it is coming.

I had about a 2 hour notice and it still lasted longer then what SoCal Edison said it would. So, my day didn’t go at all like I planned. My original plan was…well I really didn’t have one. I really haven’t been planning my days lately, which is something I will be getting better at. Anyways, I decided to drive around a little bit. It was nice weather and it was just to quite to stay inside.

I ended up at an old favorite of my family. Shenandoah at the Arbor in Los Alamitos. I completely recommend it! It is such a quite tranquil place and the food is delicious! They have these HUGE Koi Fish, seen above ^_^, in 2 ponds.

I stayed here for a while, eating a Chicken Cashew & Sprout Croissant Sandwich with fruit on the side. This is one of my favorites and I highly recommend it!

After this, I started just driving again, I was trying to find the Los Alamitos Dog Shelter but I got super lost. I did find out that there is some really nice houses over in that area.

So since I couldn’t find the Dog Shelter that I was looking for I headed home. Wishfully, thinking that I would have power. Nope didn’t have power.

Read a book, and stayed away from the kitchen. I didn’t want to open up the fridge since everything couldn’t get cold again. Then the Hubby came home (yay). But, it wasn’t much better once he was home. We talked about our day, which is usual, but it didn’t have to be only on commercials. Then we just laid around like we had nothing better to do. Which in Hubby’s case, as he just got home from work, he really didn’t have anything better to do.

But, I had TONS of energy. Not sure where I got it from but I wanted to move. I did consider going to the gym, however, decided against it since I drove TONS today and really didn’t want to drive more. So, while I still had charge on my phone I went for a walk. A 2 hour long walk. It was great and my legs were all tingling (you know the feeling) by the time I was done. Again, I was hoping that the power would be back on…NOPE no power.

Which it should have been by now. SoCal Edison promised to have it on by 6pm…it was after 8pm at this point. I found the Hubby in my car charging his phone (yay for USB ports in cars now) and I joined him. In which we stayed in the car for another 2 hours hoping for the lights to be on. Didn’t happen.

We ended up going to bed with no power. We actually woke up with STILL no power, it didn’t come back on until around 8am.

So what is it that I learned about a Day with No Power? Many things.

  • Always keep your Nook charged…you NEVER know when your gonna need it
  • Keep your water filled up because water doesn’t need to be cold
  • Sitting in the car for 2 hours isn’t all that great of an idea. Not sure how stakeout ppl do it
  • You will get BOUNDLESS energy when the TV is off. So turn off the TV and get moving
  • During a Blackout you will find out how much you depend on technology, its up to you if its good or bad
Now, I know I depend on technology. It is a part of life nowadays and we really can’t get away from it. But, you CAN turn it into a good thing. Maybe, you can get more energy from turning the TV off then sitting in front of it. Maybe, if you don’t have my Hubby, you can bring down those board games that you haven’t played in FOREVER and play them. 
Regardless, what you usually do during a power outage (one that is planned or not) you can do something different. It’s the power company’s way of giving you a vacation from technology. It is your chance to do something different. Don’t be like me that sat in a car for 2 hours but like me that went walking for 2 hours! 
I will see you all tomorrow for Motivational Thursday! 

First Virtual Race 5k

Hey NeverEver’s!

So today is Sunday. How did it already become Sunday? And whats more how is it already the end of February? I am not sure but I guess that is how time goes right, it just keeps going and going.

I will be truthful, right now things aren’t going to well for me. At least not in the job market. It is amazing how much 1 little, or not so little, thing takes up so many thoughts. So, trying to be in the interest of fairness, will inform you that I might be a little mopey.

Anyways, enough of that for now, I have my first virtual run to show and tell ^_^.

So as I mentioned before, I was going to be doing my first Virtual 5k…ever. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it? If I was going to be able to stay motivated? If it would even be the same. I just didn’t know. 
Well now I know. And I can answer you this. There is nothing quite like ‘race’ day and its atmosphere. But, on the other side the Virtual Run did have its own advantages. 

1. I got to do the Virtual Run any time over the weekend. Which was nice because I was originally planning on doing it on 2/23 and that SOOO didn’t happen.
2. I was able to do it ANYWHERE I wanted it. It was originally thought that I would do this outside…but it turned out to be an indoor treadmill run. 
3. It kept me motivated on that Treadmill, like nothing else has done before
4. It was kind of fun being the only one running. Kind of like a secret mission that only I could do. Yes, I wanted WAYYY to much 007 at a very impressionable age ^_~
5. You get to warm up, however you want. On most race days all I do is stretch out my legs and that is it. On the Virtual Run I was able to walk for 5 minutes just to warm up before starting my ‘run’
So all in all I enjoyed my first ever Virtual Run. There is really quite a bit of room for improvement not only on the time but in how much I can run at one time. But, I will get there.
For now, I am just damn proud of myself for doing 3…yes ‘3‘ 5k’s this month! That is something astounding to me. Hell, to the truthful the fact that I am doing this, any of this, still surprises me at times. But, there is NO turning back now. What would be the point when I have already accomplished so much! 
Anyways, I just wanted to give my own 2 cents about the Virtual Runs and to Share ALL about my own race. 
Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend NeverEver’s! Side note, I know that I missed my Friday Weigh In and I will be having it on Monday instead. 

Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s!

I am currently writing this while drinking hot tea and covered up with blankets. Not sure what happened but apparently the flu caught up with me. It is so evil and feels horrible.

Hopefully, it will be gone by this weekend. I have a virtual 5k to run either this Saturday or Sunday. It will be my first ever virtual run. Right now I am not sure if virtual runs are right for me since there isn’t a whole bunch of other people running with me. Not sure if the motivation will be the same as in other races.

It is still open if anyone wants to be joining me ^_~. #Anywhere5k. It is for groups and individuals, I am personally doing it as an individual but if you have family members you can always get them to join with you! 
However, today is Motivational Thursday so lets get to motivating! 
I can move and change, I am not stuck. 

It does always look good pouring off in a good workout!

I am not one to endorse celebrities but there is something awesome about Jason Statham!  

Happiness makes the day awesome!

Worth it! Worth it!

So far I am at 30ish miles this year is more then last year!

So NeverEver’s, it is time for some more medicine and sleepy time! Talk with you all tomorrow for Weigh In Day!

When Enough is Enough

Hey NeverEver’s,

I am writing this while watching the Biggest Loser and a thought keeps coming in my head. ‘What makes us say enough is enough?’ What really makes us say that we are tried of ‘being over weight‘, ‘not liking what we see in the mirror‘, ‘wanting to smile more‘, ‘stop drinking soda‘ or ‘to run instead of walk‘? And more importantly how do we take that moment we say ‘ENOUGH’ and have that carry over when we hit that wall.

This is something that, if I want to be truthful, I have been thinking about a whole lot longer then just tonight’s Biggest Loser. So I want to show, and remind, why I am doing this change to my lifestyle. So here is what I came up with!

I have had these thoughts for YEARS. I knew that there needed to be a change in my life. I knew I was headed to a heart attack, diabetes, or even an early death! I mean lets go ahead and be really really frank here. My weight got all the way up to 220! Yes that is right 220 pounds on a 5’0 frame! 
But you know what hurt the most wasn’t the fear of an early death or anything health related, it was the fact that I couldn’t go clothes shopping. Yup, it was the clothes. The fact that the outfits I wanted wasn’t possible or even if it did look ‘ok’ it didn’t look like how I wanted it to look. We all know that feeling. The bigger, the more that feeling bugs you.
My ‘Enough is Enough‘ moment happened much like Denzel Washington in Flight. Except that I have never flown an airplane or drank that much in my life. I just couldn’t ‘tell another lie, I reached my limit of lies’. My lies where all about my weight. I reached my limit of being this heavy, I reached my limit of living a life of cookies, and cakes and anything else sweet. 
So I looked at myself in the Mirror and I knew it was time to take the future in my own hands. I did what I have been dreaming of for years, ‘Starting this Blog‘ and getting my ‘Before Pictures Taken‘. To this day I am STILL not sure which one was scarier! 
I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I was fighting against around 15 years of bad food habits, little to no exercising and no concept of willpower. It was, and is, an up hill battle that I don’t win all the time. I still go through really horrible days where I do some emotional eating. There is also times where I want to hide all the bad things, like a weight gain, from all my readers. 
These walls have hit me hard. There has been days that I just wanted to give up. Why do I deserve to be happy? Why does undoing years of bad decisions have to be so hard? Why does running have to mean going faster then walking? Oh I didn’t lose that much weight, I should just give up! 
All of these thoughts and more have all been in my head for years. Although the running is a really new one it does come in just as often now. It all really boiled down to ‘Why do I deserve to be happy?’. And I will be completely honest with you I still don’t have that answer completely answered. 
What I have come up with is that if I don’t give my chance to be happy, no one else will give it to me. I have the right to be happy. But a half a lifetime wont be undone in a day, so it will take a more then a day to change it. 
So breaking through that Wall isn’t easy. Especially when most of the battle isn’t physical it is mental. Which, going back to the Biggest Loser, is what you see in all of the episodes. Mental Breakthroughs followed by weight loss. I am doing my breakthroughs with just putting one foot in front of the other. Also thinking about what I have been able to accomplish just in this year alone! 
My first 5k was on 1/1/13 – The Commitment Day 5k. Which was amazing in itself because I did it! I always wanted to do a 5k but never thought I could do it. Well this PROVED I could do it!
Then, as if it wasn’t enough that I did a 5k, I did another one! The Color Run 5k on 2/2/13. And on this one I beat my original PR by 10 minutes! It was so shocking and amazing and awesome! 
Plus there is this amazing blog. It has made me workout when I really didn’t want to at all. Which just really shows that ‘When you do something you love, you don’t work a day in your life’. Now I just need to find a job ^_^. 
I do not have all the answers! In fact I still have around 50 more pounds to loose to be in my heights health range. There is still a lot that I am figuring out but I do want to show what I have learned so far. Because I need the reminder as to why this is so important. If any of this helps you, in at least knowing you are not alone, then I am so damn happy I could help! 
So NeverEver’s, Never let it be said that a TV show doesn’t make you do some deep thinking ^_~. 

The Love Mud Run 5k

Hey NeverEver’s!

First I want to say that I did it! The first ever Mud Run for me has been completed. It was so much harder then I ever thought it would be. How ever I made it through alive!

The day started off with the Hubby and I getting ready. As you can see he was SOOOO looking forward to be woken up at 6am and to do his first 5k ^_~

But the morning was really beautiful and it seemed like the perfect start. It wasn’t cold (thank goodness) and it wasn’t too hot either. Perfect California weather, which is the reason why I stay here!
As we got to Vail Lake, Temecula we were greeted by the sun and water! I was looking at all that water and I knew I would get dirty!

Of course then I saw this. I wasn’t to sure if I still wanted to get into that water ^_~. There was these metal sculptures all over the place! Sadly my phone died before I was able to get the Dinosaur ones!
Some awesome Mud Runners took a picture of Hubby and I before the race! Hubby decided to wear the official Love Mud Run during the race. It was such a thick shirt, really well made! 

I wanted to get a picture of Hubby before the start of race! After this it was warm up time for before the race! 
Now I don’t have too many pictures of the race itself. To tell the truth I was trying to remember how to breath to actually remember to take photos. It was so much harder then I thought it would be. I am not sure but I was thinking it would be like running on concrete with some mud. In reality it was like running on uneven dirt with mud. 
Hindsight is 20/20 right ^_~
This is the hill that killed me! We just went through some mud trenches (I almost lost my shoe lol) and we were all exhausted. Then we run into this hill (I swear its a mountain but Hubby doesn’t agree with me) and it just kept going up…and up…and UP!

Once we made it up (at this point my phone died) we had to go down. You would think it would be easy. But I personally think it was HARDER! The dirt was loose and there was rocks. If you look about 3 people up you will see me on the ground cause I fell. 

And here I am falling again. Yup I have couldn’t keep my balance going down and those rocks seemed to be able to find me each time I fell. 

Here is the picture of the Hill from far away. Mainly the down side but it does give the Hill height. It looks so much smaller here then I ever believed it was! 
But even the Hill couldn’t keep me from finishing! I even got a MEDAL!! Yes Steph its real too and it feels AWESOME to have a medal!!!! 
My time was 1:48:10. Yes I added a whole bloody hour to my time and I wasn’t happy with that. I wanted this 5k to be my best time of all 3 of them. But, this 5k was the hardest, most grueling, I almost wanted to give up, race. I am proud to have completed it and I have a time to shred next time I do a Mud Run! 
So NeverEver’s, that was my first ever Mud Run. 
See you all tomorrow! Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!!  

Weigh In – Week 3

Hey NeverEver’s!

I can’t believe that I have been gone for a whole week! A week! Its not that I don’t love you all either but I wasn’t feeling to good this time. I hope you never have to go through sinus headaches at all! Especially the ones where you can’t seem to go on ANY electronics because it just hurts your eyes.

So I restricted myself away from the computer for my own heads benefit and tried to eat, sleep and workout around the headache that wouldn’t go away! Happily, I can be on the computer again and my head has stopped hurting so it is back to business!

So the first order of business is…I hope you all had an awesome, wonderful, amazing Valentines Day yesterday! Mine went basically as planned…except no Bruce Willis. When I get a job then I can watch Bruce Willis!

I did get some flowers from my parents! The ones on the left is for me and the plant was for the Hubby! The whole house now smells like a flower!

Of course I had to make dinner last night, it was a given and besides I liked it! So I went with chicken with penne pasta and spinach. I added some lemon to the chicken when I noticed it was a little dry but didn’t add enough…lesson learned for next time! 
Then the Hubby and I took the wine, btw this Middle Sister Wine is DELICIOUS, and finished the latest season of Ghost Adventures (yup we went all romantic ^_^) and ended up with a fun game of Soul Caliber in which the Hubby defeated me so badly!
All in All it was a wonderful night with a wonderful Hubby. I just need to get better at Soul Caliber because I can only handle a defeat like that once in a lifetime! 
Anyways, now it is time to Weigh In! 
Last Results: 2/8/13

Beginning Weight: 206.4
Beginning BMI: 40.51
Weight: 205.5
BMI: 40.34

Current Results 2/15/13
Weight: 204.1
BMI: 40.08
Weight Lost To Date: 2.3
I am pretty dang happy with my weight loss, considering I was either sleeping or trying to sleep this week. What I am most happy with is how much the BMI is going down! 
Now, it is time to get back to the gym (still really sore from Wednesday) and make that scale happy next Friday! 
Just a reminder, tomorrow is my first ever Mud Run. I will be posting all about it before, during (hopefully) and after tomorrow. As well as a full post about it on Sunday! 
So until then NeverEver’s, I hope you all have a great weekend!