Friday Weigh In + Color Run Help!

Hey NeverEver’s

Today is Friday and I am suddenly wishing it wasn’t. I usually like Friday’s and I am all for the weekend but today I wish it wasn’t weigh in day.

As you can tell it wasn’t that great of a weigh in. But, let me give you some background. Since tomorrow is my Color Run I really didn’t want to go to the gym to workout, but I also needed to weigh in. I made a commitment and I am going to stick with it!

But it felt wrong just to go to the gym to use their scale and I couldn’t go out and purchase a scale (no job kind of stops those easy purchases lol) but I had to weigh in! So, I had to come up with something and something fast. And I did.

Use my Wii Fit, which I am going to point out hasn’t been used since 1/27/2009!!!!! I don’t even remember what I was doing in 2009, except for using the Wii Fit for the last time. 
So without more postponement from me here is my stats!
Weight: 206.4
BMI: 40.51
Date: 2/1/13
Not happy with that 3.4 weight gain…I am SOOO not happy with that number. But, that is the number of this week and it WILL be down next week. 
On the happy note…well really other note…I do like using the Wii Fit board because it also includes the BMI and not just the weight. Also, that there is no cheating this system. So besides the fact that I gained, it was really fun to bring out the Wii Fit. 
Okay on another note (insert drum roll here) the COLOR RUN is tomorrow! I even picked up my race packet yesterday!
I choose to take the picture in Black & White because I wanted what I was going to wear tomorrow as a surprise. And it will be a surprise because you guys are going to pick it out for me!
Outfit 1: Purple / Yellow Sports Bra, White Tank, Black Pants 
Outfit 2: Bright Yellow Sports Bra, Official Color Run Shirt, Black Pants w/ Grey & Bright Yellow Strips
I need to know for tomorrow so Tweet, Instagram, FB or Comment here. You will be listened to ^_^. 
But before I leave you all for tonight, I have to share with you all my dinner!!
My version of Beef & Broccoli! So two pieces of lean steak, soaked it in 1/2 cup of teriyaki sauce and cooked. With the Broccoli it was boiled. That was it and it is delicious! 
Okay NeverEver’s this is all for tonight. Have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend! See you all on Superbowl Sunday! 

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