The Color Run!

Hey NeverEver’s!

I can’t believe that I ran the Color Run 2 days ago and I have yet to tell you all about it! Not sure where my computer inspiration has gone but I will be getting it back! Even if I have to force it ^_^
So the Color Run. It was AWESOME! So much Color…I didn’t except to see so much of it. If you haven’t already ran one of these you have to do it! I didn’t even feel like I was running…it was that awesome! 
But lets have the pictures tell the story ^_^
2/2/2013 The Color Run at Dodger Stadium Los Angeles, Ca

So many people…I got lost trying to look for my team members. I was trying to text them ^_^

Just a small (really small) portion of the crowd. But everyone has so much energy!

Another picture of beautiful me! 

Ah! Found my team members!

Couldn’t resist the photo op!

Right before the race started we were all throwing color. I wasn’t expecting it ^_~

And we are off!

After I ran through the Blue Color Patch.
And this is what I saw while running through the Orange Color Patch ^_^

After the Orange Color Patch. Side note…I do NOT look awesome w/ a mustache! 

The finish line was almost there. So many people throwing color to celebrate! 

And I finished it. My time was 38.47 tracked by Nike+. I couldn’t, and still can’t, believe that I beat my old 5k time by 10 minutes! Almost to the second! 

I am such a great poser aren’t I!?!? But I finished it and I was excited.
That NeverEver’s is the picture monologue of the Color Run. It was awesome…it was colorful…and I even got the Hubby to say he will do one next year w/ me (shocked I was). 
Again sorry for not showing these to you earlier…I have just been dreading to even look at the computer. Promise that I am making a dedicated effort to be back with all of you, and myself. I am even getting ready for the SuperBowl pictures for tomorrow. Although, what I really want to share with you all is the food ^_~
Have a warm and great Tuesday NeverEver’s, I will see you all tomorrow!  

4 thoughts on “The Color Run!

  1. Oh you really have to! But you have that MudRun coming up and I can't wait to see the pictures from that!

    But yes…the ColorRun is necessary…even if you don't get a medal at the end ^_~

  2. I did the Color Run last year. Not many people actually ran it. It was my first 5K and I trained so was disappointed in that. Congrats on yours! I think the Love Mud Run was so much more fun.

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