The Breakfast Cupcake!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Wednesday. You have made it to the half way point, pat yourself on the back…and then shake it like you just don’t care ^_^. Okay…I promise to not be weird anymore.

On SuperBowl Sunday I was in the mood to cook. Might have to do with the fact that I couldn’t sleep the night before and stayed up looking at Pinterest or maybe it had to do with the fact that I had company coming over and wanted to put out the best food possible with my budget.

Either of those reasons would work, but I really didn’t care I just wanted to cook. So I started with breakfast.

And breakfast was good. In fact it was delicious! even my picky Father in law liked it, which is saying something. It was also something I wanted to share with you. But there is something I need to share first:

I did get the idea of a pin on pinterest but the link was broken and I cannot seem to find the original by searching it. So I am fully stating right now that this idea is not an original of mine, I just can’t find an un-broken link to link it up. If the creator does read this, or if you know of an un-broken link, I would be more then happy to link this to you! 

Now with that fully stated let me share with you how I cooked it. Above is how it looked like going into the oven and the first picture is how it looked like coming out ^_^.

Here is the recipe as I created it, but again the idea came from else where.

With this being the first recipe I have really ever shared with you all it has got me all tied up. On one hand I am proud and happy to be sharing with you something that I made! On the other hand…what if you guys hate it. -_- I am not a certified chef. I have been debating the idea of sharing it.

And I decided to share it. Just let me know if you guys do make it how it comes out ok!

Okay NeverEver’s! That is it for tonight. Have a great Wednesday and know that the weekend is coming soon!

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