Motivational Thursday – Stay Busy

Hey NeverEver’s!

So how did you guys like my first EVER recipe? Have you tried it? Waiting until the weekend? If you do try it please please OH please tell me. I will give out virtual hugs and high fives ^_~

Anyways, can you guys believe that it is already Thursday? Where has this week gone?? I know the answer for me. Half the week was kind of depressing (I over thought about the bills) and the other half I got my a.s.s kicked by the Hubby for over thinking! I am better now. Best thing he said when I told him I could’t stop thinking about not having a job ‘Then stay busy’. So I did, I took his words to heart and I have been staying busy.

Well except with the laundry…I HATE laundry. But it will be done tomorrow or I wont have any more clean sport bras…which isn’t allowed anymore!

So, since the Hubby Motivated me this week I wanted to do a Motivational Theme! This week’s theme, cause I can’t be the only one that was down in the dumps, is Stay Busy!

It is my choice…and I am choosing happiness!

A second look isn’t just for driving and taxes ^_^

7 days is a long time and it repeats itself if you don’t make it the first time

This one…well this one I just love!

So NeverEver’s, I hope that this Motivation will take you into the weekend and beyond! I know it did me a lot of good just picking out the pictures to use, Thank You GOOGLE! 
See you all tomorrow with the Weekly Weigh In! 

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