Weigh In – Week 3

Hey NeverEver’s!

I can’t believe that I have been gone for a whole week! A week! Its not that I don’t love you all either but I wasn’t feeling to good this time. I hope you never have to go through sinus headaches at all! Especially the ones where you can’t seem to go on ANY electronics because it just hurts your eyes.

So I restricted myself away from the computer for my own heads benefit and tried to eat, sleep and workout around the headache that wouldn’t go away! Happily, I can be on the computer again and my head has stopped hurting so it is back to business!

So the first order of business is…I hope you all had an awesome, wonderful, amazing Valentines Day yesterday! Mine went basically as planned…except no Bruce Willis. When I get a job then I can watch Bruce Willis!

I did get some flowers from my parents! The ones on the left is for me and the plant was for the Hubby! The whole house now smells like a flower!

Of course I had to make dinner last night, it was a given and besides I liked it! So I went with chicken with penne pasta and spinach. I added some lemon to the chicken when I noticed it was a little dry but didn’t add enough…lesson learned for next time! 
Then the Hubby and I took the wine, btw this Middle Sister Wine is DELICIOUS, and finished the latest season of Ghost Adventures (yup we went all romantic ^_^) and ended up with a fun game of Soul Caliber in which the Hubby defeated me so badly!
All in All it was a wonderful night with a wonderful Hubby. I just need to get better at Soul Caliber because I can only handle a defeat like that once in a lifetime! 
Anyways, now it is time to Weigh In! 
Last Results: 2/8/13

Beginning Weight: 206.4
Beginning BMI: 40.51
Weight: 205.5
BMI: 40.34

Current Results 2/15/13
Weight: 204.1
BMI: 40.08
Weight Lost To Date: 2.3
I am pretty dang happy with my weight loss, considering I was either sleeping or trying to sleep this week. What I am most happy with is how much the BMI is going down! 
Now, it is time to get back to the gym (still really sore from Wednesday) and make that scale happy next Friday! 
Just a reminder, tomorrow is my first ever Mud Run. I will be posting all about it before, during (hopefully) and after tomorrow. As well as a full post about it on Sunday! 
So until then NeverEver’s, I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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