The Love Mud Run 5k

Hey NeverEver’s!

First I want to say that I did it! The first ever Mud Run for me has been completed. It was so much harder then I ever thought it would be. How ever I made it through alive!

The day started off with the Hubby and I getting ready. As you can see he was SOOOO looking forward to be woken up at 6am and to do his first 5k ^_~

But the morning was really beautiful and it seemed like the perfect start. It wasn’t cold (thank goodness) and it wasn’t too hot either. Perfect California weather, which is the reason why I stay here!
As we got to Vail Lake, Temecula we were greeted by the sun and water! I was looking at all that water and I knew I would get dirty!

Of course then I saw this. I wasn’t to sure if I still wanted to get into that water ^_~. There was these metal sculptures all over the place! Sadly my phone died before I was able to get the Dinosaur ones!
Some awesome Mud Runners took a picture of Hubby and I before the race! Hubby decided to wear the official Love Mud Run during the race. It was such a thick shirt, really well made! 

I wanted to get a picture of Hubby before the start of race! After this it was warm up time for before the race! 
Now I don’t have too many pictures of the race itself. To tell the truth I was trying to remember how to breath to actually remember to take photos. It was so much harder then I thought it would be. I am not sure but I was thinking it would be like running on concrete with some mud. In reality it was like running on uneven dirt with mud. 
Hindsight is 20/20 right ^_~
This is the hill that killed me! We just went through some mud trenches (I almost lost my shoe lol) and we were all exhausted. Then we run into this hill (I swear its a mountain but Hubby doesn’t agree with me) and it just kept going up…and up…and UP!

Once we made it up (at this point my phone died) we had to go down. You would think it would be easy. But I personally think it was HARDER! The dirt was loose and there was rocks. If you look about 3 people up you will see me on the ground cause I fell. 

And here I am falling again. Yup I have couldn’t keep my balance going down and those rocks seemed to be able to find me each time I fell. 

Here is the picture of the Hill from far away. Mainly the down side but it does give the Hill height. It looks so much smaller here then I ever believed it was! 
But even the Hill couldn’t keep me from finishing! I even got a MEDAL!! Yes Steph its real too and it feels AWESOME to have a medal!!!! 
My time was 1:48:10. Yes I added a whole bloody hour to my time and I wasn’t happy with that. I wanted this 5k to be my best time of all 3 of them. But, this 5k was the hardest, most grueling, I almost wanted to give up, race. I am proud to have completed it and I have a time to shred next time I do a Mud Run! 
So NeverEver’s, that was my first ever Mud Run. 
See you all tomorrow! Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!!  

7 thoughts on “The Love Mud Run 5k

  1. This was my first ever Mud Run too! I had a great time and loved immersing myself in as much mud as possible. I don't think this run is as intense as others I've seen, which was perfect for me!

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