Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s!

I am currently writing this while drinking hot tea and covered up with blankets. Not sure what happened but apparently the flu caught up with me. It is so evil and feels horrible.

Hopefully, it will be gone by this weekend. I have a virtual 5k to run either this Saturday or Sunday. It will be my first ever virtual run. Right now I am not sure if virtual runs are right for me since there isn’t a whole bunch of other people running with me. Not sure if the motivation will be the same as in other races.

It is still open if anyone wants to be joining me ^_~. #Anywhere5k. It is for groups and individuals, I am personally doing it as an individual but if you have family members you can always get them to join with you! 
However, today is Motivational Thursday so lets get to motivating! 
I can move and change, I am not stuck. 

It does always look good pouring off in a good workout!

I am not one to endorse celebrities but there is something awesome about Jason Statham!  

Happiness makes the day awesome!

Worth it! Worth it!

So far I am at 30ish miles this year is more then last year!

So NeverEver’s, it is time for some more medicine and sleepy time! Talk with you all tomorrow for Weigh In Day!

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