A Day Without Power

Hey NeverEver’s!

I just went through the worst thing that can happen in modern society…I went without electric power for over 8 hours!

Now, I have seen people who, when they go on vacation, turn off their phones, put away their computers and just enjoy nature. And, I am not saying that is bad, in fact I usually enjoy it, BUT they are prepared for it. They know that it is coming.

I had about a 2 hour notice and it still lasted longer then what SoCal Edison said it would. So, my day didn’t go at all like I planned. My original plan was…well I really didn’t have one. I really haven’t been planning my days lately, which is something I will be getting better at. Anyways, I decided to drive around a little bit. It was nice weather and it was just to quite to stay inside.

I ended up at an old favorite of my family. Shenandoah at the Arbor in Los Alamitos. I completely recommend it! It is such a quite tranquil place and the food is delicious! They have these HUGE Koi Fish, seen above ^_^, in 2 ponds.

I stayed here for a while, eating a Chicken Cashew & Sprout Croissant Sandwich with fruit on the side. This is one of my favorites and I highly recommend it!

After this, I started just driving again, I was trying to find the Los Alamitos Dog Shelter but I got super lost. I did find out that there is some really nice houses over in that area.

So since I couldn’t find the Dog Shelter that I was looking for I headed home. Wishfully, thinking that I would have power. Nope didn’t have power.

Read a book, and stayed away from the kitchen. I didn’t want to open up the fridge since everything couldn’t get cold again. Then the Hubby came home (yay). But, it wasn’t much better once he was home. We talked about our day, which is usual, but it didn’t have to be only on commercials. Then we just laid around like we had nothing better to do. Which in Hubby’s case, as he just got home from work, he really didn’t have anything better to do.

But, I had TONS of energy. Not sure where I got it from but I wanted to move. I did consider going to the gym, however, decided against it since I drove TONS today and really didn’t want to drive more. So, while I still had charge on my phone I went for a walk. A 2 hour long walk. It was great and my legs were all tingling (you know the feeling) by the time I was done. Again, I was hoping that the power would be back on…NOPE no power.

Which it should have been by now. SoCal Edison promised to have it on by 6pm…it was after 8pm at this point. I found the Hubby in my car charging his phone (yay for USB ports in cars now) and I joined him. In which we stayed in the car for another 2 hours hoping for the lights to be on. Didn’t happen.

We ended up going to bed with no power. We actually woke up with STILL no power, it didn’t come back on until around 8am.

So what is it that I learned about a Day with No Power? Many things.

  • Always keep your Nook charged…you NEVER know when your gonna need it
  • Keep your water filled up because water doesn’t need to be cold
  • Sitting in the car for 2 hours isn’t all that great of an idea. Not sure how stakeout ppl do it
  • You will get BOUNDLESS energy when the TV is off. So turn off the TV and get moving
  • During a Blackout you will find out how much you depend on technology, its up to you if its good or bad
Now, I know I depend on technology. It is a part of life nowadays and we really can’t get away from it. But, you CAN turn it into a good thing. Maybe, you can get more energy from turning the TV off then sitting in front of it. Maybe, if you don’t have my Hubby, you can bring down those board games that you haven’t played in FOREVER and play them. 
Regardless, what you usually do during a power outage (one that is planned or not) you can do something different. It’s the power company’s way of giving you a vacation from technology. It is your chance to do something different. Don’t be like me that sat in a car for 2 hours but like me that went walking for 2 hours! 
I will see you all tomorrow for Motivational Thursday! 

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