Motivational Thursday + End of Month Review

Hey NeverEver’s!

I can’t believe that it is already the end of February! It has been a month of quite a few ups and downs but I made it through all of them.

On the good news I will be getting a job in about 2 months (YAY). It will be in the medical field and the building (which is currently under construction, which is why it will be 2 months) is in the city where I live! So, I can walk to work ^_^. This is a HUGE weight off my mind, I know the light is at the end of the tunnel and that is making everything better!

Other good news, which I can’t really believe I did it, I did 3 5k’s this month! Last year I didn’t think I could do even 1.

The Color Run 5k

The Love Mud Run 5k

#Anywhere5k Virtual Run 5k

I have a total of 4 5k’s done for this year and still have another 9 more to go to complete the #13in2013 challenge. I will tell you guys all the truth. I never thought, when I first signed up for the challenge, that I would really go past my first 5k. But, I am proved to myself that I CAN do it and HAVE done it. I just needed to take that first step!

So, I really wanted to see what I was doing with my running. I mean I know that I can now go 3.1 miles (YAY) but there is room for improvement, as always, so I went do to Nike+ and got a 30 day review.

What I really want to concentrate on is my pace. I want to run a faster mile…or hell even run a mile without needing to walk. Currently my average pace is 18’05 and for Woman my age is it 12’28. So there is a 6 minute difference that I will be working on. 
But, even if my pace is 18’05 I wanted to see what I did this month. Personally, I felt that I haven’t done that much this month. 

But, this review shows me that I did more then I thought I did. Which is exactly what I needed to start March strong. I want to beat 28.05 miles next month, I am thinking 35 miles? Or maybe I should do more? Not sure yet.

So, I feel that I have been a little lazy this month, okay at times a LOT lazy, but it is something that I am working on. The fact that I know I have a job means so much to me. I have a purpose and a deadline to having to stay at home all the time. I have a deadline to when I can stop trying to figure out my bills and just live again. It isn’t here yet but it is closer then ever.

Well, now that I am motivated by my running goals, how about we start the Motivational Thursday!

Since today was a weight day, I did have to push myself not to stop!

This is true. I am going to be ready for the next few months!

I really thought that this was great. Simple and to the point!
The couch is comfortable but it will NEVER beat the feeling of going to the gym!

Since it is almost March and there is survey’s out there that say this is the time when people quit. Don’t quit! Just remember the reason why you are working out in the first place!  

The choice is always ours. If we give up or if we give it all we got! 
Okay NeverEver’s, I am SUPER tired from my workout today. I might even hit the bed early. See you all tomorrow!

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