Happy Easter!!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Happy Easter! I hope you are all having an amazing one with your friends and family. Lots of jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and hunting for those Easter eggs!

My Easter, well for the last 4 years, have been filled with friends, water gun fights, carne asada and lots of candy.

I will tell you that running around chasing kids around the park with water guns is quite the workout. Who would have thought? ^_^ But in all reality its an all day event over at Griffith Park and it is so much fun! As you can tell above we have been ready since Saturday night, because it isn’t that easy to get water in the park!

So I do have a really good reason why I didn’t post anything on Friday (although I did Weigh In which is to come). My reason…the Hubby surprised me by taking me out to a dinner and a movie!

I was so excited to get out of the house! It has been a while, because of my lack of job, so it was a really special night. We just ended up going to Islands and we watched OZ the Great and Powerful. Hubby liked the movie…me not so much. I am not sure why though. It was a stunning movie, I just couldn’t get into it.

However! There is good news! I did create the plan I promised you and myself. However, I took it a step further and did a workout and a meal plan.

Now this Meal Plan came from the wonderful Janice from HealthStyle Living Facebook Page! If you haven’t already liked her page you really need to!

I did make some changes to her original one (had to bring in more purple!) and I just added my Meal Plan. Since I am working next week I will be eating Lean Cuisine for lunches. As for Saturday and Sunday I will be adding those meals on Thursday (read payday to get groceries).

On to Workout Plan!

Unlike last month I have decided to go week by week on the calendar. That way I am more accountable and I can see what I actually have been able to accomplish and what I haven’t. I feel that this will be a better way for me, I think, but I will be testing it out ^_^.

Now it is time to Weigh In! 
Last Results 3/15/13
Beginning Weight: 206.4
Beginning BMI: 40.51
Last Weight: 204.9
Last BMI: 40.04

Current Results 3/29/13
Weight: 204.9
BMI: 40.04

Weight Lost to Date: 1.5

As I admitted back on Thursday I haven’t been working out or eating right or both (boooo) so I was actually pretty darn surprised that I stayed the same and didn’t gain (ready yay). However, with the game plan above I know that next weeks number is going to be amazing! 
Okay NeverEver’s! I am going to end this hear. Gotta get Easter started. See you all tomorrow!

Planning + Motivational Thursday!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Nope I am not dead…or dying…or without a computer…or really have any excuse that I can give you all for being away since LAST THURSDAY! Oy! Really, even life didn’t get in the way, except for Tuesday  this week. I had plenty of time to sit down in front of the computer and type away. So, why didn’t I? Well there is some multiple reasons and really none of them are really good.

1. I had nothing to share
2. I allowed myself to be distracted by T.V Shows & Movies
3. I didn’t workout
4. I didn’t eat well
5. I didn’t want to admit that I failed

The reasons aren’t very good, in fact they are all excuses. I had no reason to not write or not to workout / eat well. I just fell back into old habits, into my old routine.
Which is NOT want I will be doing again. I lived that way before and it got to me the way I am. I do not want to back track. I do not want to undo what I have been able to accomplish so far.

So, what am I going to change? What am I going to do to get back on track?

Well, I don’t have a complete plan right now…to be 100% honest with you. I know the general (eat right / exercise more) but there are different ways I can incorporate them into my life.
Obviously, just saying and writing it here with no plan isn’t working. I am not in the habit of working out or eating right. I make the right decisions some of the time. And this isn’t working for me.

It is time for a plan. And I will be making that plan. Figuring out what is right to get the results that I am working for. I will be doing my homework (ideas are welcome) and will have the ‘PLAN’ on the Sunday Post.

Now it is time to start Motivational Thursday!!!

I needed this. I had a ‘Set Back’ NOT a ‘Failure’!
I need to exercise my mind so I CAN go longer and push harder!

Last week proved this. 

Somethings go hand in hand perfectly. This is one of them!

I am just getting through my head. I am a Runner!
Okay NeverEver’s dinner is calling and I have some major Planning to do. If you have ideas, suggestions, or really anything give them to me! I need them ^_~
See you all tomorrow for Weigh In Friday…so I can really see what I need to do 0_o 

Yoga for Flexibility

Hey NeverEver’s!

Today I will be doing something different. I want to introduce you to Dr. David Kulla. He was kind enough to write about Yoga, since I have no knowledge, and I wanted to share his article!

Building flexibility will help you maintain a strong and healthy body, whether you are 10 years old or 100. Your flexibility will help you move and adjust with minimal problems, and it will also allow you to heal quickly from any injuries or illnesses you encounter. Many athletes build their flexibility by stretching before and after a workout. You can become more flexible by adopting similar stretches, or by beginning a yoga practice that will help you build your strength and stamina.

Yoga is good for flexibility because it requires you to work with your body on how it sits, stands and moves. When you attempt to put your body into yoga poses, you are making yourself more flexible. As you become more skilled and able to master more poses, you know your body is growing more flexible. In addition to helping you become more flexible, yoga also makes you stronger and provides you with more endurance. All of these benefits work together to promote better long term health and short term healing.

Yoga might seem intimidating to a person who has never worked on flexibility before. If you feel like you are unable to do yoga because you are not flexible, you are mistaken. The dramatic yoga poses you often see skilled practitioners doing are developed over a long time, and they require much practice and skill. You have to start from somewhere, and the basic yoga poses you will learn in any yoga class will set you on a path towards greater flexibility and better health. Don’t worry about trying to master too many poses too
quickly. Give your body the time and space it needs to stretch out and figure out the best way to move. As you develop your breathing techniques and your stretching abilities, you will notice greater flexibility. That flexibility will not only show up in your yoga; you will notice it in the way you move, even if you are simply walking across a room.

Your muscles benefit from stretching when you do yoga, but so do your tissues and nerves. All of the ligaments and tendons that surround your muscles are getting a workout when you practice yoga. This makes your nervous system and skeletal systems work in better harmony. The regular practice of yoga keeps your entire body aligned, which is good for all aspects of your physical and emotional health.

People practice yoga for a variety of reasons. Some people do it because it keeps them balanced and calm on a mental level. Others practice yoga because they want to keep their bodies fit and toned, without doing a lot of intense or high impact activity. Many people practice yoga to bring their physical and spiritual existence into harmony. There are many good reasons to incorporate yoga into your life, and flexibility is one of them. You might worry you are too old, too tall, too heavy or too uncoordinated to benefit from yoga. The truth is, everyone can benefit from yoga, and it is especially useful to those who think there
is a reason they can’t do it.

This post was written for Never Ever Been Skinny Blog by Dr. David Kulla.
Dr. Kulla is a licensed New York Chiropractor and a nutritionist as well as owner of Synergy Wellness in Manhattan.

You can read more about Dr. Kulla and Synergy Wellness.

Waiting on a Call

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Tuesday! Did you all watch the Biggest Loser last night? I can not believe how well all those contestants looked! Well if you didn’t…you were totally missing out! This season was my favorite, less house drama and more weight loss commitment! It was great.

Anyways, I didn’t write yesterday because I was SOOO tired. Only got about 3 hours of sleep and I was taking naps through out the whole day. Basically, missing my time to write. However, I LOVE ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE WRITTEN TO ME! You guys are all amazing and I have received all of it and will be getting back to you all tomorrow!

However, tomorrow is going to be 3 years married to the wonderful Hubby ever! All total I have been with the Hubby for 6 wonderful years. I have been extremely lucky to have met the Hubby and make sure he knows it everyday! So, just to let you know there might not be a post tomorrow…I might be too busy ^_~.

So, today I have been worrying ALL day about a phone call (hence the title) about my second interview that I had on Monday. It is too early for them to call me, I know it, but it doesn’t make a difference in my mind. I am still over analyzing and just plain worrying about it. After thinking about it all day, and helping a find some furniture for a friend, I decided enough was enough. I needed to get away from my own head. 
And, how do I do that? By going on my Nike+ and picking their challenge (to run the furthest mile) and nailing it! Yup, that is how. I even walked my fastest mile! So, I was able to escape my own worrying mind and was able to come back to the house 4.25 miles better! 
It is time for me to be logging off. I will be taking a look at a few trails the Hubby and I can do this week, he is off the rest of the week. 
I hope you ALL have a great rest of your Tuesday and are looking forward to Hump Day tomorrow! 

St. Patrick’s Day Virtual 5K

Hey NeverEver’s!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Everything is gonna be in green today so no one gets pinched ^_~. I do hope you are all going to have an amazing one today. It will be a while until St. Patrick’s day is back on a weekend so make sure you go out an have fun!!!! 

Since, that is exactly what I am planning on doing, I made sure to get my Virtual 5K in this morning so I can work off a few of those ‘Green Beers’. What? I always wanted to try them…yet can never seem to be able to get one -_-. 

However, before I went to the gym for the race I tried one of the ‘goodies’ that I got from the LA Marathon Convention. The company Mamma Chia has these squeeze’s (seen above) and the drinks. Well I got some of the squeezes and it is DELICIOUS! It has 1200Mg Omega-3, Fiber, no added sugar, 70 calories & Gluten Free + Vegan! 

It replaced my pre-breakfast run, cause I was running late and didn’t want to get up this morning. And it gave me that full stomach feeling so I could run my 5K without getting dizzy or hungry! Then it was time to get my run on!

Unlike with my First Virtual 5K I now knew I could run 3.1 miles on the treadmill and whats more I have been training on jogging a mile after classes so I felt ready! Which is more then I can say for almost any of my other races ^_^. 

So it started and I decided that I wanted to actually jog the first mile without stopping. Something that I have never been able to do before. Even while just running a mile I always slowed down to a walk. This time I pushed myself through and did the whole mile WITHOUT STOPPING! Then I took a 1/2 a song break while doing a fast walk then it was back to jogging and I did the whole thing again! 

And with that ‘I WILL be jogging this run‘ attitude I actually did it. My first mile my time was 14:17 my second was 13:31 and my third (I was tired by this time) was 14:07 for a grand total of 42:18! 

I beat my first Virtual Race time of 52:08 and that was amazing in itself. But knowing that I can actually jog a WHOLE mile without stopping…well that is something extra! 

I cannot wait to see what I can do next weekend for the #Anywhere5K 2nd Annual Race. My goal is to shave off 2 minutes on my time. It seems like a reasonable goal and I will be putting it into action. 

Okay NeverEver’s, it is time for me to get ready for tonights party and help out a friend move somethings into storage. So i will be seeing you all tomorrow! 

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

Friday – Weigh In Day + LA Marathon

Hey NeverEver’s!

So that title might be a little confusing. Especially since I am not actually running or even walking the LA Marathon. I am actually currently working at the Asics Department. I will be there tomorrow as well, so make sure you stop by if you are running that LA Marathon!

I will tell you something though. Standing for 8+ hours is not easy, or at least not anymore, so my feet are so not happy with me! Even with me getting some cool new gear with working with the Asics Group!

Yup, I am really liking the shoes. Comfy and after standing all day they weren’t to bad. I am sure the shoes I have wouldn’t have held up as good.

So, now it is time to actually get down to my Weigh In. Can I hear drum rolls please!

Now it is time to Weigh In! 
Last Results 3/1/13
Beginning Weight: 206.4
Beginning BMI: 40.51
Last Weight: 205.2
Last BMI: 40.12

Current Results 3/15/13
Weight: 204.9
BMI: 40.04

Weight Lost to Date: 1.5
Here is my take on this. Last week I did horrible. I didn’t blog, I didn’t eat right, I didn’t drink right and I didn’t exercise at all. This week, I have been doing some juicing (haven’t been perfect on it) and I have been working out. So I am not at all surprised by this number. 
I have to earn my weight loss and I wasn’t earning it. So the fact that I got back down to where I was before I stopped that. So this isn’t bad. But I got to do better and I am planning of having next week to have better!
Okay NeverEver’s, that is it for tonight. I am hitting the sack early so I can see all you LA Marathoners tomorrow morning!

Motivational Pi Day

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to the end of Thursday! I hope it was a great one. Mine wasn’t to bad. Just found out that I will be partially working the L.A Marathon this weekend. Friday and Saturday. So if you will be out there I hope we see each other ^_~. On other news, I had an interview today that went well. Hopefully, I hear from them next week!!

So since today is Pi Day I thought I would start off with hoping you ALL had an amazing 3.14 Pi Day! I really do love these non-holidays. Like ‘Stars Wars Day‘ (May 4th), ‘Harry Potter Day‘ (July 31) or ‘Marathon Monday‘ (3rd Monday in April). And really that is just to name a few ^_^

However, before we get on to the Motivation…I wanted to drop a little bit of bragging. Yesterday I was feeling really lethargic and headache-y. Which I understand is all part of the juicing and controlling what I am eating. I am just happy that it didn’t go on until today. I felt good enough to pull a Bomb Workout tonight! 
Only was able to do the 36 seconds on my plank but I am satisfied with that since I haven’t done it in a LONGGGG while. Plus, I did my free weights and time on the machines. And, when I thought that I was done I went upstairs to the treadmill and ran for 1 mile! I am getting better at this ‘Pushing Myself’ ^_^
Okay now it is time to get on the Motivational Part ^_~
As I am learning how to re-eat by juicing and mostly natural food this has become so true!

Sometimes, it is hard to change. You need to be ready to change!

This one hit me hard. Why not do a little bit of changes a day because the time will pass anyways. 

Ya…I have way to much to suck in so I will have to suck it up ^_^

It is hard to remember that the main reason why I am working out really comes down to me. Everything else is just filling. It is ALL about ME! 
Okay NeverEver’s, I am about ready to hit the sack. Feeling super tired with that workout. Plus, I have to get ready to help with my first Marathon. Next time I will be at a Marathon I will be running it ^_^