Friday Weigh-In + Spring Cleaning

Hey NeverEver’s!

I hope you are ALL having just as amazing weather as I am right now. Currently, in So Cal it is really HOT! Don’t believe me? Not that I can blame you it is only March 1st, but here is the proof!

That is right it is 93 degree’s outside! How can it be so hot when it is just the end of Winter. I mean Spring doesn’t even begin until 3/20 (I know this cause its my anniversary to the Hubby) and it is already hot. Have to say it looks like for California…Summer is really just around the corner.

Which doesn’t leave me much time to get really serious about my weight loss. I will admit that I have done more this year then EVER before but, there are days that I don’t do anything. No gym, no jogging, nothing, There are days when the sugar craving gets to me and I give in. Not with moderation but entirely! And while these ‘fall backs’ are okay in SMALL doses there has been too many times it was days before I got back into the fitness swing. That is not acceptable. Not anymore. So, I created this
 I do have rest days in there but I WILL earn them. I know I can do this and I know my body can handle it. It is time to show what I can do! So this is my first step in Spring Cleaning!
The second step…well it just walked in the door while I was writing this! 
The Hubby surprised me by buying me a Juicer! Which is awesome because I tried juicing before but found out that I really did need a juicer…not a blender. I do have an amazing Hubby! Anyways, this will be the second half of my Spring Cleaning. Starting Monday I will be doing a juicing cleanse, now professionally done since I have the main tool ^_~
Now it is time to Weigh In! 
Last Results 2/22/13
Beginning Weight: 206.4
Beginning BMI: 40.51
Weight: 205.4
BMI: 40.17

Current Results 3/1/13

Weight: 205.2
BMI: 40.12
Weight Lost to Date: 1.2

I know that I gained some on 2/22 and was not happy. But that is what I get for not working out and just eating what ever I wanted. This week I went down, not much but it is down, and I will keeping getting that number down. 
Which is why Spring Cleaning is so important! 
So NeverEver’s, March is going to be OUR month to Spring Clean. Not only our houses and gardens BUT our bodies and mind. I do hope you will create your own calendar and with me keep at it! 
See you all on Sunday ^_^

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