Sunday is the Planday!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to the end of Sunday. It came to quickly and not that happily for me. I had completely forgot that my Hubby was leaving for a business trip today and wont be back until Friday. I will try REALLY REALLY hard not to whine to much about it!

Anyways, I will be 100% truthful with you all, you know that, so I didn’t make the BodyPump class this morning. The main reason is that I didn’t want to get up and away from the Hubby since he was leaving today. HOWEVER, I did make sure that I went to the gym the minute he left. No BodyPump but free weights and the stairmaster!

Which brings me to the lovely picture above! I was able to do 20 minutes on the StairMaster! Last week I was able to do 15 minutes and before that only 10 before that so I am SOO happy. I have been literally able to double my minutes! If I didn’t see the results I really wouldn’t have believed that I could do it!

So after I surprised myself with doing 20 minutes on the stairmaster I did some leg exercises and then some free weights. I have really fallen in LOVE with the weighted ball. Still need to get a few more exercises for it, since my gym doesn’t allow us to throw it against the wall. So I am currently using it for leg exercises. 
After my workout I headed out to the sauna to relax and to steam out a little. It was SUPER hot today so I wasn’t able to stay for long. 
So after the workout I thought it would be a good idea to get some food in the fridge this week. I decided since the Hubby surprised me with a juicer that I would do some juicing this week. It helps that I am only cooking for myself and can just concentrate on what I need. And this is what I decided.
I need to focus on 3 things on my food intake. 
1. More natural food, mainly veggies & fruit
2. Portion Control 
3. Snacks
I feel that I am eating to much, so I got some Lean Cuisine, to get my stomach and mind used to eating less. I do know that Lean Cuisine isn’t exactly the ‘freshest’ thing I could eat. It is always better to cook it yourself. BUT, since I am alone I would be cooking WAY to much and then likely eating it all. So, I want to teach myself what a real meal is and learn that I can be satisfied with that.  
There is also the juicing, which will help with the more veggies and fruit in my daily diet. Now, I will not be just juicing for all my meals. After, really really, thinking about it I decided that I need more then just juicing to eat. I want to workout and so instead of doing a ‘cleanse’ or a ‘fast’ I will be incorporating juicing into my healthy lifestyle. This seems more feasible for the long term then just going on a fast or a cleanse. 
Now about the snacking I have ALWAYS been horrible with this. Which makes it so much easier to just pull up to the nearest drive-thru. So I will be carrying around some fruit and almonds in my purse.I will be reporting in if that helps or not. 
So this is my plan for next week. Part Juicing, Part Portion Control and Part Snacks, with a lot of working out in between. I can not wait to see how the result is going to be for Friday’s Weigh In. 
I will be talking with you all tomorrow! I have a wonderful rest of your Sunday, there is still a few hours left ^_~ and an even better Monday! 

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