A Week Gone By

Hey NeverEver’s,

This wasn’t the greatest week for me. Okay it went so far out on left field that it didn’t look like anything I was talking about on Last Sunday. Besides juicing on some days, I did NO workouts, I didn’t eat all that well, and I wasn’t even moving that much.

It was also so much harder being without the Hubby then I thought it would be. Apparently, I really don’t sleep all that well without him. I was getting around 3-4 hours sleep a night. Now I am not used to that at all. I LOVE my sleep, in fact I usually have around 8 hours. So it wasn’t easy getting just a few hours…not at all.

So, now that the Hubby is back and I really have nothing to stop me. Well except for me but I am not going to be stopping myself. I have stood in my own way too many times in the past. And I still have the rest of this month to complete my calendar.

On the physical challenge I will be adding another 5k! This one is an official #13n2013 for St. Patrick’s day. I have from 3/15 to 3/22. I am planning on doing it on 3/17 so it will be an official St. Patrick’s day 5k!

The bib is pretty cute too but I have to get some new ink in the printer before I can print it out. Not sure 100% if this will be a treadmill race or an outside one. Will let you know once I know ^_^
I will also be doing a steady juicing for morning and afternoon. Having a full meal with the family for dinner. I am getting a few recipes from online and checking out a few apps on the phone so I can get the recipes easier. 
If you know a few good ones let me know! 
I am gonna end this one early, I got a Grandma Birthday Party to be going to. Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday and see you all on Monday!


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