BodyPump Hits the Spot

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Tuesday. I have been seriously thinking today was Monday…all day today. I am not very good with days lately. It has been getting slightly annoying recently so I am going to make a dedicated effort to make sure I know what day it is. That seems important to me right now.

Anyways, as you all know I haven’t been to the gym since last Sunday and really that doesn’t count since it wasn’t a class. By counting the days since I been to the gym for a class…well that would be last Friday. So, it was with anticipation and slightly dread, I went to the gym for the LesMills Body Pump!

It has been a LONG while since I have last done a Body Pump and it felt AMAZING walking back into the GroupX room. Goodness, I even remembered the moves so I wasn’t a complete beginner again. Knowing the moves really helps with the workout. Your not just standing around waiting to find out what you need to do…your actually doing it!

To me the best part of the BodyPump is that it gets your heart rate up and those muscles working. So it is really a whole body workout. The worst part of BodyPump, at least for me, is when you put the bar behind your neck and do squats. It isn’t the squats that kill me it is where the bar is. It always kills me. Do you know how to make it easier to hold? My wrists start hurting and so does the meaty part of the back. 
But as you can see…I was dying by the end of the workout. But all in a good way. I felt so energized that I ended up walk/jogging on a treadmill for 1 mile. I stopped at 1 mile because that is when my energy high went away and I really wanted a hot shower. 
So I updated my calendar. Made it all truthful and up to date! I even added the #13in2013 Virtual Race this weekend. Plus the new Zumba Special this Friday just for St. Patricks weekend. I am sure that I will be updating it more as time goes one. 
One thing about having a calendar it does keep you accountable and you can’t lie on it! I do like it. 
So NeverEver’s, see you all tomorrow! 

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