Motivational Pi Day

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to the end of Thursday! I hope it was a great one. Mine wasn’t to bad. Just found out that I will be partially working the L.A Marathon this weekend. Friday and Saturday. So if you will be out there I hope we see each other ^_~. On other news, I had an interview today that went well. Hopefully, I hear from them next week!!

So since today is Pi Day I thought I would start off with hoping you ALL had an amazing 3.14 Pi Day! I really do love these non-holidays. Like ‘Stars Wars Day‘ (May 4th), ‘Harry Potter Day‘ (July 31) or ‘Marathon Monday‘ (3rd Monday in April). And really that is just to name a few ^_^

However, before we get on to the Motivation…I wanted to drop a little bit of bragging. Yesterday I was feeling really lethargic and headache-y. Which I understand is all part of the juicing and controlling what I am eating. I am just happy that it didn’t go on until today. I felt good enough to pull a Bomb Workout tonight! 
Only was able to do the 36 seconds on my plank but I am satisfied with that since I haven’t done it in a LONGGGG while. Plus, I did my free weights and time on the machines. And, when I thought that I was done I went upstairs to the treadmill and ran for 1 mile! I am getting better at this ‘Pushing Myself’ ^_^
Okay now it is time to get on the Motivational Part ^_~
As I am learning how to re-eat by juicing and mostly natural food this has become so true!

Sometimes, it is hard to change. You need to be ready to change!

This one hit me hard. Why not do a little bit of changes a day because the time will pass anyways. 

Ya…I have way to much to suck in so I will have to suck it up ^_^

It is hard to remember that the main reason why I am working out really comes down to me. Everything else is just filling. It is ALL about ME! 
Okay NeverEver’s, I am about ready to hit the sack. Feeling super tired with that workout. Plus, I have to get ready to help with my first Marathon. Next time I will be at a Marathon I will be running it ^_^

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