Waiting on a Call

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Tuesday! Did you all watch the Biggest Loser last night? I can not believe how well all those contestants looked! Well if you didn’t…you were totally missing out! This season was my favorite, less house drama and more weight loss commitment! It was great.

Anyways, I didn’t write yesterday because I was SOOO tired. Only got about 3 hours of sleep and I was taking naps through out the whole day. Basically, missing my time to write. However, I LOVE ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE WRITTEN TO ME! You guys are all amazing and I have received all of it and will be getting back to you all tomorrow!

However, tomorrow is going to be 3 years married to the wonderful Hubby ever! All total I have been with the Hubby for 6 wonderful years. I have been extremely lucky to have met the Hubby and make sure he knows it everyday! So, just to let you know there might not be a post tomorrow…I might be too busy ^_~.

So, today I have been worrying ALL day about a phone call (hence the title) about my second interview that I had on Monday. It is too early for them to call me, I know it, but it doesn’t make a difference in my mind. I am still over analyzing and just plain worrying about it. After thinking about it all day, and helping a find some furniture for a friend, I decided enough was enough. I needed to get away from my own head. 
And, how do I do that? By going on my Nike+ and picking their challenge (to run the furthest mile) and nailing it! Yup, that is how. I even walked my fastest mile! So, I was able to escape my own worrying mind and was able to come back to the house 4.25 miles better! 
It is time for me to be logging off. I will be taking a look at a few trails the Hubby and I can do this week, he is off the rest of the week. 
I hope you ALL have a great rest of your Tuesday and are looking forward to Hump Day tomorrow! 

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