Planning + Motivational Thursday!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Nope I am not dead…or dying…or without a computer…or really have any excuse that I can give you all for being away since LAST THURSDAY! Oy! Really, even life didn’t get in the way, except for Tuesday  this week. I had plenty of time to sit down in front of the computer and type away. So, why didn’t I? Well there is some multiple reasons and really none of them are really good.

1. I had nothing to share
2. I allowed myself to be distracted by T.V Shows & Movies
3. I didn’t workout
4. I didn’t eat well
5. I didn’t want to admit that I failed

The reasons aren’t very good, in fact they are all excuses. I had no reason to not write or not to workout / eat well. I just fell back into old habits, into my old routine.
Which is NOT want I will be doing again. I lived that way before and it got to me the way I am. I do not want to back track. I do not want to undo what I have been able to accomplish so far.

So, what am I going to change? What am I going to do to get back on track?

Well, I don’t have a complete plan right now…to be 100% honest with you. I know the general (eat right / exercise more) but there are different ways I can incorporate them into my life.
Obviously, just saying and writing it here with no plan isn’t working. I am not in the habit of working out or eating right. I make the right decisions some of the time. And this isn’t working for me.

It is time for a plan. And I will be making that plan. Figuring out what is right to get the results that I am working for. I will be doing my homework (ideas are welcome) and will have the ‘PLAN’ on the Sunday Post.

Now it is time to start Motivational Thursday!!!

I needed this. I had a ‘Set Back’ NOT a ‘Failure’!
I need to exercise my mind so I CAN go longer and push harder!

Last week proved this. 

Somethings go hand in hand perfectly. This is one of them!

I am just getting through my head. I am a Runner!
Okay NeverEver’s dinner is calling and I have some major Planning to do. If you have ideas, suggestions, or really anything give them to me! I need them ^_~
See you all tomorrow for Weigh In Friday…so I can really see what I need to do 0_o 

4 thoughts on “Planning + Motivational Thursday!

  1. Ohhhh, I LOVE the “setback” vs. “failure”, so important to remember. We often get trapped in the “all of nothing” mentality. We are continuous works in progress. Good luck getting back on track 🙂

  2. Good morning. I was busy pinning blogs for the 13 in 2013 participants when I came across your blog. Love it!!

    Yes, you're a runner. Sounds great doesn't it and feels even better!

    I host a weekly link up every Friday, Fitness Friday, and would love to have you join 🙂

  3. Oh wow thank you so much! I am a little star stuck that you like my blog ^_^. The 13in2013 is such an amazing challenge!

    I still am in a love & hate relationship with running. I am sure the more I do it the better it will get.

    I would love to join the link up. Is there anything that I need to do?

    Thank you again ^_^

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