Happy Easter!!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Happy Easter! I hope you are all having an amazing one with your friends and family. Lots of jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and hunting for those Easter eggs!

My Easter, well for the last 4 years, have been filled with friends, water gun fights, carne asada and lots of candy.

I will tell you that running around chasing kids around the park with water guns is quite the workout. Who would have thought? ^_^ But in all reality its an all day event over at Griffith Park and it is so much fun! As you can tell above we have been ready since Saturday night, because it isn’t that easy to get water in the park!

So I do have a really good reason why I didn’t post anything on Friday (although I did Weigh In which is to come). My reason…the Hubby surprised me by taking me out to a dinner and a movie!

I was so excited to get out of the house! It has been a while, because of my lack of job, so it was a really special night. We just ended up going to Islands and we watched OZ the Great and Powerful. Hubby liked the movie…me not so much. I am not sure why though. It was a stunning movie, I just couldn’t get into it.

However! There is good news! I did create the plan I promised you and myself. However, I took it a step further and did a workout and a meal plan.

Now this Meal Plan came from the wonderful Janice from HealthStyle Living Facebook Page! If you haven’t already liked her page you really need to!

I did make some changes to her original one (had to bring in more purple!) and I just added my Meal Plan. Since I am working next week I will be eating Lean Cuisine for lunches. As for Saturday and Sunday I will be adding those meals on Thursday (read payday to get groceries).

On to Workout Plan!

Unlike last month I have decided to go week by week on the calendar. That way I am more accountable and I can see what I actually have been able to accomplish and what I haven’t. I feel that this will be a better way for me, I think, but I will be testing it out ^_^.

Now it is time to Weigh In! 
Last Results 3/15/13
Beginning Weight: 206.4
Beginning BMI: 40.51
Last Weight: 204.9
Last BMI: 40.04

Current Results 3/29/13
Weight: 204.9
BMI: 40.04

Weight Lost to Date: 1.5

As I admitted back on Thursday I haven’t been working out or eating right or both (boooo) so I was actually pretty darn surprised that I stayed the same and didn’t gain (ready yay). However, with the game plan above I know that next weeks number is going to be amazing! 
Okay NeverEver’s! I am going to end this hear. Gotta get Easter started. See you all tomorrow!

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