The Biggest Loser Giveaway — WINNER

Hey NeverEver’s!

First of all. Welcome Monday!!! Secondly, well you guys are all amazing. I hosted the Biggest Loser Giveaway while I was on vacation, with NO wifi, and you guys rocked it! So I really appreciate all the support and how well the giveaway went, considering it was the first for this blog!

Now for the WINNER!!!

I decided to choose as the winner – Natalia Joel Blassio

Congratulations on winning and I can’t wait to, hopefully, hear all about it on May 4th, this SATURDAY!

So if you didn’t win you can still go to the casting call. I strongly urge you to trust in yourself and GO!

Okay NeverEver’s, that is about all for today. I have to go make a dentist appointment, my filling fell out and is giving me SO much pain. Not expecting too much working out from me since walking jars my mouth right now…but I will be trying.

Biggest Loser Los Angeles Giveaway!

Hey NeverEver’s!

As you all know I am a serious Biggest Loser fan. I have watched most of the seasons and really do love how the coaches, and the show, change lives. I do honestly believe that this show does more good for America, and the World, then others.

And the Biggest Loser is hosting their Casting Calls all around. If it is in a City near you and you have thought about trying out…well do it!

But for those that live in the Los Angeles Area I have a Giveaway for you!

I am so excited that to be able to offer a chance for one (1) person to get the chance to TRY out for the Biggest Loser Season 15!!!

Yup that is right. If you live here in the area around Los Angeles, CA, or somewhere in Southern California, you can enter to win a Front of the Line Pass.

So what is the Front of the Line Pass? Don’t worry I asked the same question. The Front of the Line Pass is where YOU, the potential contestant, to come at a DESIGNATED time and meet with the Directors of the show.

  • No standing in line
  • No talking yourself out of something YOU want to do
So do I have your attention? Do you want to be apart of the Biggest Loser and learn more about your body and more importantly YOURSELF, then ever before? Well you need to enter! 
And if you don’t win from me, go here and do it for yourself. You owe it to yourself and all those promises you keep making to yourself. 
Now enter to win! Please remember just a few things:
  • Please be in or around the Los Angeles Area
  • Make sure your available on May 4th, Saturday!
  • Share the word if you aren’t in the Los Angeles Area
Other then that have fun! And once I pick you as the winner drop me some pictures, I really want to see your journey! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will be picking the winner of the Casting Call on 4/30 so make sure you check back here to see if you are the winner!

The Biggest Loser is partnered with NBC. Please note that I only have 1 Front of the Line Pass and will only be giving out 1 Front of the Line Pass. I am not making ANY money out of this promotion, I am doing it because I believe in the Biggest Loser and what it can do. 

Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Thursday. We only have one more day until it is the officially the weekend. And I will tell you that I am really looking forward to this weekend. I am going to be visiting some family over in Arizona, maybe even see a baby being born.

Yup, my Sis in Law is about to drop…and it might even happen this weekend. I am not sure if that is what I want or not…really having second thoughts about it or not. But I am letting nature take its course.

So I am ready to get my Motivational Thursday on…what about you guys? Yup…well lets go!

I am earning my body…it just has years of neglect that I need to get through first ^_^

I have been in the position while running that I want to quit because it hurts. I have been getting better on just keep going. 

I am still learning this one

You know this is so true. Take my Lunch Runs for instance. I feel better after them!

I used to do noting, then I kept putting more time on. Little bit at a time

Ya that is me in sports. But I keep trying.

Words to live by ^_^
Okay NeverEver’s I have to finish the laundry and get the luggage ready for tomorrow. So I am calling it an early night. 

Surprises Are Good!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Hump Day!

Now that I am working I swear this day goes extra ssslllllloooooowwwwww! Or is that just me? We were talking about at work having something special on Wednesday. Like, well they were saying bagels, but I was thinking smoothies. Wouldn’t it be awesome that on the longest day of the week (its a fact look it up ^_~) that you had something to look forward to? I am going to be placing this idea in the suggestion box ^_^

But I had my own person thing that I was looking forward to today. That was my lunch hour. I brought my gym bag and I was ready for that work treadmill!

And well I dominated it! I felt pretty awesome. I even jogged most of it, which is something that I am still something that I am working on.

Plus…let me tell you it feels…really indescribable that I am working out during lunch time. It is something that I never really thought I would do and yet here I am doing it. And even jogging it ^_^. I also got to admit it is a mood booster while at work, before and after lunch. Before your looking forward to it and After your like ‘Yah I worked out and I killed it’!

Highly recommend a lunch workout if you can do it.

So as you all know I am running this whole month for Boston. However, not counting the miles from other 5K’s that I signed up for. I am working towards running 26.2 by 4/30/13 and I wanted to share how I am doing so far.

Sunday 4/21 – 1.7
Monday 4/22 – 1.6
Tuesday 4/23 – 0
Wednesday 4/24 – 4.3

Miles so far 7.6 
Miles to go 18.6

I am not doing as well as I had planned. My original plan was to do 2.62 miles a day for 10 days to equal 26.2. As you can see that isn’t happening so far. But my goal is still there and it WILL be done. 

But my running isn’t the only thing I am working on right now. I am doing the BeachBody DVD Slim in 6 and so far have done it on Monday and Wednesday (today). Can you tell that Tuesday wasn’t that great of a day for me?

So how was my second time doing the DVD? The arm exercises aren’t getting any easier. Also…I was sore on Tuesday from the DVD. I felt it. I could still move but definitely felt it.

So what is really the surprise for today? Well there is a few:

  • Lunch Workouts are more fun then previously thought
  • I can jog more
  • I only have 18 more miles to go before I hit all 26.2 miles!
  • If you don’t get to use the DVD in the morning do it at night, it feels just as good
  • My body is changing
Okay NeverEver’s, I am about ready to head to bed for tomorrow. I hope you all have a wonderful night and a better Thursday!

Slim in 6 – Beginning

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Monday! I hope you all had a great one. Mine…well mine was crazy busy but I actually loved it.  I have lots of things that are coming up, personal and blog life, that I am so excited about! Plus I not only woke up and worked out BUT I also did a lunch run!

So let me start from the beginning!!

I had this DVD for 2 weeks and haven’t used it. It was just sitting and staring at me on my bookcase. I made plans to use it last week but then I started a new job. I wanted to use it this weekend and well I was too lazy to use it.

So I used it this morning. After hitting the snooze button a few times…and really postponing the whole thing, I finally got up and got it done!

What happened on my first day of Slim in 6?

  • I found out that my arms are really weak and I can’t do all those arm exercises.
  • The DVD moves at a really good pace, I could keep up with it
  • Although I was sore right after the exercise, I was able to move without pain the rest of the day
  • My muscles felt like they were re-energized afterwards
  • This exercise pushed me to move more throughout the day
What is going to happen after the first week? I am not sure, well beyond that fact that I will be working out ^_~. There will be a post all about the first week next Monday. 
How did the rest of my day go? Well I felt that I was almost late for work, wasn’t I was 10 minutes early but still felt like it, and things got serious. 
Now that I am past most of my basic training I am now entering data all by my lonesome. Which makes me feel awesome just knowing that my boss feels that I am ready for it. So I was a little on work cloud 9 all day ^_^!
However, lunch hit and I decided to hit the gym! 
Yup, my work has an on-site gym! I know I am lucky, and I WILL be using it! Which is exactly what I did today. I wasn’t able to do a full 2.62 miles, hey I did have to eat since it is a little frowned upon eating at my desk, but I was able to do 1.62. It felt amazing knowing that I was working out during lunch! 
I swear it was almost a better feeling then waking up in the morning and getting it done. In fact I am not sure which one I liked more. Gotta have more practice in them ^_~
After work I had to head over to Trader Joe’s for the meal plan of the week. Today’s was Angel Hair with Zucchini and Tomatoes Pasta. On the plus side I have this whole weeks meals planned out! On the bad side…they didn’t have Angel Hair Pasta!!!
So I am using Evernote to record all my food, what I need, how to make, and what day is what. I am liking it so far but I will keep using it and give it a full review, at least for me!

So here was dinner! See I didn’t have the Angel Hair Pasta so I used above. It is wheat but everything else I made the same. For the Salad I made it myself! Even with my own dressing!!!
My Salad Dressing is:
2 tbsp OJ
2 tbsp Olive Oil
2 tbsp White Vinegar 
2 tbsp Honey
And it is delicious and yet that sweet. Mixing it all together with some feta cheese on top of the salad. 
So NeverEver’s, I have to say I am tired of my first really full Monday. I am not sure how you all do it with kids added into the mix but just working out, meal buying and making, plus working…well I am tired. See you all tomorrow!!

Sunday Runday

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Sunday! I hope you all had a great one. Well hopefully I hope you had a great weekend…let alone just Sunday. Mine was pretty great. However, I really did enjoy my impromptu date with the Hubby on Saturday. We went shopping for new sheets, still haven’t found them,and ended up at a wonderful Mexican Restaurant sitting outside enjoying some live entertainment.

Well we also enjoyed our own drinks too. I got a mango strawberry, margarita and Hubby got a pineapple, coconut mojito. Which, I will admit tasted really good…even if I don’t like either coconut or pineapple. But it was a really nice day all around. But we still need sheets!

 But my Sunday…it actually turned into a RunDay. Which is unusual for me, but I really want this to continue. So let me explain.

As you all now on 4/15/2013 a horrible event happened in Boston. Many people, runners and not, got together and created events to support the Boston Marathon. It was wonderful that so many people got together for the Boston Marathon.

So after going through all the events I had decided on 1 that was created by RunJunkees. They did a facebook event called Runners United to Remember and it goes on until May 5th. Many people are running 2.62 miles.

I however, decided that I want to run the whole 26.2 miles. No I am not crazy and Yes you did read that right. So how am I…the person who is just getting used to running 3.1 miles going to be running 26.2 miles. Well its easy-ish.

I am going to be running 2.62 miles for 10 days from 4/21/13 to 4/30/13. I will not be ‘combining’ any other races into this run. So if I happen to do a 5k that day I still have to do the 2.62 for Runners United to Remember. And that is what I…kind of…did today!

I wasn’t able, at that point, to complete a total of 2.62 miles. My pants decided to rip right at the seem and was chaffing way to much. So I was able to do 1.70 and I will complete the 0.92 miles tonight…in new pants! It was disappointing to know I wasn’t able to complete the full milage that I wanted to, but I would have rather stopped then before a rash or more chaffing then not being able to continue my goal run for Boston.

Now this wasn’t the ONLY run that I did today! There is more!!!

I also did a 5k as well! This one was for AnyWhere5k! I really do love this site. They have both free and paid Virtual Runs! This run was for Dustin Rhodes and I have to say it was really nice running for a cause. Not to say that my other races didn’t have their charities but it wasn’t ALL about those charities.

I am pretty happy with my time. Yes it is 4 minutes slower then my last Virtual Run for St Patricks Day Run but I haven’t been working out this month. So it shows me that working out DOES make a difference. 
So after 2 different runs today I am a little tired. I still got to finish my 2.62 miles tonight so I am going to be resting up for that. I will see you all tomorrow NeverEver’s! 

Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s!

I really need some motivation today. Been kind of in a funk lately, at least in eating healthy and working out. Now I can give myself the excuse that I just started my job on Monday and training is extremely stressful. Or I can remind myself that on Tuesday my ankle was a little tweeked by putting my foot down wrong. Or I can even give myself today with me having a headache most of the day…and even had to call out of work (I know horrible…but I have a wonderful boss) because the pain was right behind my eye and driving was out of the question.

But I my headache has been gone since 1pm. I could have done exercises that didn’t require to be on my ankle (hell knows I need more crunches in my life. I could have also been packing my lunch instead of relying on eating out and giving myself the excuse that it was my first week.

There are times when not working out is ok. There are times when not eating healthy is ok. But not all the time. Not everyday. And not when you don’t have a workout or healthy eating down most of the time. Then that is just an excuse. That isn’t taking care of yourself. And this is where I find myself. Wanting all the goodies and none of the hard work.

And that is why I needed today, especially since it was a Motivational Thursday. So without further delay lets get that motivation going!

So these are my thoughts today. And this is what I picked as my motivation. I hope you find it motivating as well. And I will see you guys on the other side of this funk ^_~!