Already Wednesday?!?

Hey NeverEver’s!

Good Morning! Look who is up and ready early in this morning, at least according to my clock as I am writing this it isn’t even 8am yet. Still can’t believe that it is already Wednesday…but that is what happens when I am working…I forget the week day ^_^

I do hope that the first 2 days of April have been awesome to you! Not so much for me, but it is getting better. I happened to be caught out on an Easter rain storm (March really didn’t like me) and so my allergies became a cold or they joined forces with one another to make me miserable. Not sure which…either is possible. BUT I survived the sneezing and not being able to breath through my nose and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Which I hope includes some more of those Breath Right Strips (I should have had stock in them as much as I purchased ^_^).

However, I did feel sufficiently awesome enough yesterday to get out of the house, and leave the tissues behind, for a really nice walk. I had only really thought about going maybe a mile but I ended up walking for over 4 miles. Not bad for a recovering sick person.

It really just felt great to be able to get out there and moving again. That is what I missed the most. I did however end up with some new blisters. At this point I am not sure if it was the tennis shoe or the heels that I wore earlier in the day. But, since I have a race next weekend I am gonna make sure that I don’t get any more.

Because, I am still feeling like I am sniffling and or coughing every few minutes I will most likely not get to the gym until this weekend. So that means my brilliant plan went up in smoke for my workouts. BUT, since I did feel better with walking I am going to keep that up.

On the other note with my food plan. Well that is pretty much going according to plan except for breakfast and dinner. Not juicing in the morning (read I want to sleep in) and having no want for food at night, so my lunches and snacks are pretty much the only thing keeping me on track. So I am planning on rolling over this weeks food chat to next week.

I do have to say that it is nice working again, even if it is only for a week. The waking up early, taking the bus and knowing that I have duties that need to be done it feels good. Sadly, it is only for the week but my laundry will be happy with that. I haven’t quite remembered how to do work and house chores in the same day ^_^.

Okay NeverEver’s, that is all I have to update you guys on for this week. Nothing interesting happens to a sick person, mainly cause we are all trying to sleep ^_~! Stay away from those April Showers and I will see you all for Motivational Thursday!!

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