Its Finally Friday

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome back! No wait that is wrong you guys never went away I did. Oops, so I guess I will be saying I am Back! I do have a lot of things to catch you guys up on but first I want to tell you the reason why I was away since last Wednesday.

1. Working and Blogging is hard work…especially when your out of practice. So that one week assignment in Downtown LA took more out of me then I expected. Mostly, in a good way but it did get in the way of my Blogging.

2. I got a job! A full time, not temporary, job! I start on Monday but this week was full of paperwork, faxing, drug testing (which is so damn complicated now!!!) and just running around town to get everything ready.

So hopefully, I am at least a little excused for not being here. I do have some other news that I want to share with you all as well! Starting with this little beauty!

 Doesn’t it look wonderful! It is the BeachBody Slim in 6 DVD package. I haven’t tried it yet, I know Oy!, but I am going to have a Sunday morning workout with this beauty!

I did decide that I am going to do a review of the DVD’s. But let me explain the plan. I have 3 DVD’s that I am to work through for the next 6 weeks. Each DVD is a 2 week deal. So at the end of every 2 weeks I will be giving an ‘official’ review of the DVD.

Since I am starting this plan on Sunday…my new weigh in day will be Sunday. I also got a tape measure with this package and will be measuring myself on Sunday as well. I will admit that a really really LARGE part of me doesn’t want to measure myself…however…that is just more reason to do it.

So why am I starting on Sunday? Why not today or even on Saturday? Well I have a reason for that.

The reason would be my 5K with the Neon Run. My 5th 5K this year for the #13in2013 challenge. So because I haven’t been working out (read boooooo) I really didn’t want to start something right before this run. Walking and Jogging outside is fine…but something that is going to work my whole entire body, well I know I will be sore and therefore not a great walk/jogger.

Not the best of reasons but I think a pretty good one. I went yesterday to go pick up my race packet and then did some recon on the venue itself.

This is the San Diego Chargers Stadium. And the best part about this lovely stadium is that it is FLAT! Yup no hills like in the ColorRun at the Dodger Stadium. It is wonderfully flat and I am planning on making some awesome time in this place! 

So NeverEver’s, I am again sorry for my disappearing act and I hope that I have made up for it with my plans ^_^. I will be in San Diego all day tomorrow for the race so check out my Instagram (@NeverEverBeenSkinny), Twitter (@Alicia_Orozco) and of course my Facebook Page (NeverEverBeenSkinny) for everything NeonRun tomorrow! d

See you all on Sunday for Weigh in and BeachBody DVD workout first review!

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