Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s!

I really need some motivation today. Been kind of in a funk lately, at least in eating healthy and working out. Now I can give myself the excuse that I just started my job on Monday and training is extremely stressful. Or I can remind myself that on Tuesday my ankle was a little tweeked by putting my foot down wrong. Or I can even give myself today with me having a headache most of the day…and even had to call out of work (I know horrible…but I have a wonderful boss) because the pain was right behind my eye and driving was out of the question.

But I my headache has been gone since 1pm. I could have done exercises that didn’t require to be on my ankle (hell knows I need more crunches in my life. I could have also been packing my lunch instead of relying on eating out and giving myself the excuse that it was my first week.

There are times when not working out is ok. There are times when not eating healthy is ok. But not all the time. Not everyday. And not when you don’t have a workout or healthy eating down most of the time. Then that is just an excuse. That isn’t taking care of yourself. And this is where I find myself. Wanting all the goodies and none of the hard work.

And that is why I needed today, especially since it was a Motivational Thursday. So without further delay lets get that motivation going!

So these are my thoughts today. And this is what I picked as my motivation. I hope you find it motivating as well. And I will see you guys on the other side of this funk ^_~!

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