Sunday Runday

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Sunday! I hope you all had a great one. Well hopefully I hope you had a great weekend…let alone just Sunday. Mine was pretty great. However, I really did enjoy my impromptu date with the Hubby on Saturday. We went shopping for new sheets, still haven’t found them,and ended up at a wonderful Mexican Restaurant sitting outside enjoying some live entertainment.

Well we also enjoyed our own drinks too. I got a mango strawberry, margarita and Hubby got a pineapple, coconut mojito. Which, I will admit tasted really good…even if I don’t like either coconut or pineapple. But it was a really nice day all around. But we still need sheets!

 But my Sunday…it actually turned into a RunDay. Which is unusual for me, but I really want this to continue. So let me explain.

As you all now on 4/15/2013 a horrible event happened in Boston. Many people, runners and not, got together and created events to support the Boston Marathon. It was wonderful that so many people got together for the Boston Marathon.

So after going through all the events I had decided on 1 that was created by RunJunkees. They did a facebook event called Runners United to Remember and it goes on until May 5th. Many people are running 2.62 miles.

I however, decided that I want to run the whole 26.2 miles. No I am not crazy and Yes you did read that right. So how am I…the person who is just getting used to running 3.1 miles going to be running 26.2 miles. Well its easy-ish.

I am going to be running 2.62 miles for 10 days from 4/21/13 to 4/30/13. I will not be ‘combining’ any other races into this run. So if I happen to do a 5k that day I still have to do the 2.62 for Runners United to Remember. And that is what I…kind of…did today!

I wasn’t able, at that point, to complete a total of 2.62 miles. My pants decided to rip right at the seem and was chaffing way to much. So I was able to do 1.70 and I will complete the 0.92 miles tonight…in new pants! It was disappointing to know I wasn’t able to complete the full milage that I wanted to, but I would have rather stopped then before a rash or more chaffing then not being able to continue my goal run for Boston.

Now this wasn’t the ONLY run that I did today! There is more!!!

I also did a 5k as well! This one was for AnyWhere5k! I really do love this site. They have both free and paid Virtual Runs! This run was for Dustin Rhodes and I have to say it was really nice running for a cause. Not to say that my other races didn’t have their charities but it wasn’t ALL about those charities.

I am pretty happy with my time. Yes it is 4 minutes slower then my last Virtual Run for St Patricks Day Run but I haven’t been working out this month. So it shows me that working out DOES make a difference. 
So after 2 different runs today I am a little tired. I still got to finish my 2.62 miles tonight so I am going to be resting up for that. I will see you all tomorrow NeverEver’s! 

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