Slim in 6 – Beginning

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Monday! I hope you all had a great one. Mine…well mine was crazy busy but I actually loved it.  I have lots of things that are coming up, personal and blog life, that I am so excited about! Plus I not only woke up and worked out BUT I also did a lunch run!

So let me start from the beginning!!

I had this DVD for 2 weeks and haven’t used it. It was just sitting and staring at me on my bookcase. I made plans to use it last week but then I started a new job. I wanted to use it this weekend and well I was too lazy to use it.

So I used it this morning. After hitting the snooze button a few times…and really postponing the whole thing, I finally got up and got it done!

What happened on my first day of Slim in 6?

  • I found out that my arms are really weak and I can’t do all those arm exercises.
  • The DVD moves at a really good pace, I could keep up with it
  • Although I was sore right after the exercise, I was able to move without pain the rest of the day
  • My muscles felt like they were re-energized afterwards
  • This exercise pushed me to move more throughout the day
What is going to happen after the first week? I am not sure, well beyond that fact that I will be working out ^_~. There will be a post all about the first week next Monday. 
How did the rest of my day go? Well I felt that I was almost late for work, wasn’t I was 10 minutes early but still felt like it, and things got serious. 
Now that I am past most of my basic training I am now entering data all by my lonesome. Which makes me feel awesome just knowing that my boss feels that I am ready for it. So I was a little on work cloud 9 all day ^_^!
However, lunch hit and I decided to hit the gym! 
Yup, my work has an on-site gym! I know I am lucky, and I WILL be using it! Which is exactly what I did today. I wasn’t able to do a full 2.62 miles, hey I did have to eat since it is a little frowned upon eating at my desk, but I was able to do 1.62. It felt amazing knowing that I was working out during lunch! 
I swear it was almost a better feeling then waking up in the morning and getting it done. In fact I am not sure which one I liked more. Gotta have more practice in them ^_~
After work I had to head over to Trader Joe’s for the meal plan of the week. Today’s was Angel Hair with Zucchini and Tomatoes Pasta. On the plus side I have this whole weeks meals planned out! On the bad side…they didn’t have Angel Hair Pasta!!!
So I am using Evernote to record all my food, what I need, how to make, and what day is what. I am liking it so far but I will keep using it and give it a full review, at least for me!

So here was dinner! See I didn’t have the Angel Hair Pasta so I used above. It is wheat but everything else I made the same. For the Salad I made it myself! Even with my own dressing!!!
My Salad Dressing is:
2 tbsp OJ
2 tbsp Olive Oil
2 tbsp White Vinegar 
2 tbsp Honey
And it is delicious and yet that sweet. Mixing it all together with some feta cheese on top of the salad. 
So NeverEver’s, I have to say I am tired of my first really full Monday. I am not sure how you all do it with kids added into the mix but just working out, meal buying and making, plus working…well I am tired. See you all tomorrow!!

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