Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Thursday. We only have one more day until it is the officially the weekend. And I will tell you that I am really looking forward to this weekend. I am going to be visiting some family over in Arizona, maybe even see a baby being born.

Yup, my Sis in Law is about to drop…and it might even happen this weekend. I am not sure if that is what I want or not…really having second thoughts about it or not. But I am letting nature take its course.

So I am ready to get my Motivational Thursday on…what about you guys? Yup…well lets go!

I am earning my body…it just has years of neglect that I need to get through first ^_^

I have been in the position while running that I want to quit because it hurts. I have been getting better on just keep going. 

I am still learning this one

You know this is so true. Take my Lunch Runs for instance. I feel better after them!

I used to do noting, then I kept putting more time on. Little bit at a time

Ya that is me in sports. But I keep trying.

Words to live by ^_^
Okay NeverEver’s I have to finish the laundry and get the luggage ready for tomorrow. So I am calling it an early night. 

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