Biggest Loser Los Angeles Giveaway!

Hey NeverEver’s!

As you all know I am a serious Biggest Loser fan. I have watched most of the seasons and really do love how the coaches, and the show, change lives. I do honestly believe that this show does more good for America, and the World, then others.

And the Biggest Loser is hosting their Casting Calls all around. If it is in a City near you and you have thought about trying out…well do it!

But for those that live in the Los Angeles Area I have a Giveaway for you!

I am so excited that to be able to offer a chance for one (1) person to get the chance to TRY out for the Biggest Loser Season 15!!!

Yup that is right. If you live here in the area around Los Angeles, CA, or somewhere in Southern California, you can enter to win a Front of the Line Pass.

So what is the Front of the Line Pass? Don’t worry I asked the same question. The Front of the Line Pass is where YOU, the potential contestant, to come at a DESIGNATED time and meet with the Directors of the show.

  • No standing in line
  • No talking yourself out of something YOU want to do
So do I have your attention? Do you want to be apart of the Biggest Loser and learn more about your body and more importantly YOURSELF, then ever before? Well you need to enter! 
And if you don’t win from me, go here and do it for yourself. You owe it to yourself and all those promises you keep making to yourself. 
Now enter to win! Please remember just a few things:
  • Please be in or around the Los Angeles Area
  • Make sure your available on May 4th, Saturday!
  • Share the word if you aren’t in the Los Angeles Area
Other then that have fun! And once I pick you as the winner drop me some pictures, I really want to see your journey! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will be picking the winner of the Casting Call on 4/30 so make sure you check back here to see if you are the winner!

The Biggest Loser is partnered with NBC. Please note that I only have 1 Front of the Line Pass and will only be giving out 1 Front of the Line Pass. I am not making ANY money out of this promotion, I am doing it because I believe in the Biggest Loser and what it can do. 

5 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Los Angeles Giveaway!

  1. I should be on BL because I'm awesome, of course. ;). I'll kick butt and take names and inspires others on my journey to being the Biggest Loser.

  2. I could've sworn I left a comment on here, maybe I did it wrong. However, I would love to be on the biggest loser for so many reasons the biggest being getting healthy so I can conceive, and to inspire others, its why I began a blog, and It's my purpose in life.

    Everyone deserves to win, we're all in this battle together, best of luck to you all! ❤

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