The Biggest Loser Giveaway — WINNER

Hey NeverEver’s!

First of all. Welcome Monday!!! Secondly, well you guys are all amazing. I hosted the Biggest Loser Giveaway while I was on vacation, with NO wifi, and you guys rocked it! So I really appreciate all the support and how well the giveaway went, considering it was the first for this blog!

Now for the WINNER!!!

I decided to choose as the winner – Natalia Joel Blassio

Congratulations on winning and I can’t wait to, hopefully, hear all about it on May 4th, this SATURDAY!

So if you didn’t win you can still go to the casting call. I strongly urge you to trust in yourself and GO!

Okay NeverEver’s, that is about all for today. I have to go make a dentist appointment, my filling fell out and is giving me SO much pain. Not expecting too much working out from me since walking jars my mouth right now…but I will be trying.

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