Woman’s Heath Magazine: Fusion Fest

Hey NeverEver’s!!

Welcome to the beginning of a 3 day Weekend! If you have made it this far I say we should pat ourselves on the back! We made it and we are going to enjoy it!

However, I want to go back a few days…back to Wednesday! Cause well Thursday was horrible with my food poisoning, so I don’t want to talk about that one ^_^.

So on Wednesday, it started out at work with an International Pot Luck Day! In which I brought some meatloaf (seriously couldn’t think of anything ‘American’ lol). But they also had a competition that you could dress up for the ‘Most Ethic’.

After consulting with my HR, making sure I could dress up and not be that particular ethnicity…I present you with my outfit!

I actually got that Yukata from an exchange student that I worked with when I was younger. It is also the same outfit that the Hubby finally ‘saw’ me once Halloween a long time ago ^_~. So this outfit has brought me pretty good luck.

And now it got me $150, in which I am getting my hair done with! Oh Ya! Have the appointment for tomorrow and I really can’t wait!

So from being dressed up in a Yukata, different from a Kimono as it isn’t AS formal and mainly used for Summer Parties, it was tiring. Hey you try walking fast with your legs in a small dress lol.

I was so ready for my after work party! The Woman’s Health Magazine Fusion Fest! In which…workout attire was strongly recommended ^_^

I did oh so love the beach weather on Thursday as well. It wasn’t to hot and it wasn’t to cold! Perfect!

When I first walked into the Hotel there were having another party as well. That one was for Orbitz, but as soon as I saw the flag I knew where I was going to! 

The bags were the cutest things! Inside was some Vita Cocunut Water, passes to a local hair salon (so am going to try them out) and of course the latest issue of Woman’s Health Magazine. 

I took this candid shot while heading to my fitness class. I just loved that there was already people milling about and talking fitness so early. It really felt like a community ^_^

So this is my ‘After a KickAss Barre Class’ face. I am smiling but oh so red. Gotta love being white…it really shows when you work hard…or just don’t breath. Either way gets you red ^_^.

Anyways, I have never taken a Barre Class before and I was excited to try it out. In my head I was picturing tutu’s, pink things, and ballet. None of it which was true.

Barre class really works your muscles without bring up your heart rate. Not to say that it isn’t pumping…it just isn’t pumping as much as a Zumba Class. But, I liked it. There was even a short bar just for me ^_^. We worked with bands instead of weights, which from what I understood was a change in pace. Did these leg raises and stood on our toes. I didn’t know my ankles needed to be worked out but they did, and it felt good. I also liked the stretching. Felt that it did my whole body.

The class was challenging enough where there was times I couldn’t do the whole set without taking a breath but easy enough where I didn’t feel over-whelmed (I am looking at you first class of spin) and didn’t want to come back.

My verdict of Barre Class: Take it! If you have been doing weights and doing the same thing, do something different with those muscles. You will be sore the next day…but a pleasant sore not a ‘OMG I can’t move’ sore (really looking at you BodyPump)

After working out I really needed a tall glass of something. Happily they were passing out these babies. Now I got a regular Vita Coco in my goodie bag but they had this Peach & Mango one. It really tasted of Peaches & Mango’s. Which was a happy surprise since Coconut isn’t exactly my favorite fruit…like at all. 

There was a clothes vendor there called ‘Strut-This‘. They had all of these cute tops and bottoms that I just wanted to buy right up. However, I couldn’t…it wasn’t possible. So I got the one above! It fits like a dream and the color’s are just awesome! 

However, the real reason I went there, besides the goodie bag, the workouts, the drinks and the clothes, is the woman above. Kit Rich. She is one of the finalists for the Woman’s Health Magazine ‘The Next Fitness Star‘. The voting starts on June 15th.

But what I was really impressed by was the feeling of welcome that Kit projected onto everyone. I watched her talk to several other people, taking her time answering questions and giving each one individual attention. When it came my turn, well I only had a few questions but I did love the answers.

We talked about how she had body issues with how she looked for the longest time. That her family was un-healthy, her brother lost over 100 pounds (yay him). And that she never thought she would get into ‘fitness’. That she just fell into it when her own Pilates teacher told her that she could be a great teacher. Which, after watching her talking with people and me, I completely agree with that teacher!

But what caught me the most was the article she wrote for Self. I remembered reading it a few months ago and how it hit me. How it touched me while reading it, and meeting her in person it felt even more real. That article about ‘10 Year Late Self-Expression‘. I remember thinking that I could relate to how she was and wasn’t what she thought she would be in that letter. If you haven’t read it I would HIGHLY recommend it.

So, it is possible to not only change your own life but those around you. And if you had that chance…wouldn’t you take it? That is what Kit did. And I respect her for that.

Okay NeverEver’s, Hubby is about to take me out on Date Night, so I am ending this post. However, don’t forget that to check out that article ^_~

What Has Been Happening!?!

Hey NeverEver’s!

I am alive! Yay! Seriously have been feeling really weird lately. Especially in the stomach and wooziness. Really thinking its the penecilin that my dentist had to shoot up my tooth for my tooth infection. I am just happy that as of this Thursday I will be finished with the root canal and this tooth business! At least until I get insurance…then I am sure it will start all over again lol.

Anyways, I do have some things to update everyone on. Sit down…this might take a while ^_~

So I get to do a review of Zola! I just got the box yesterday and it came as a surprise because I had completely forgotten that I had signed up for it.

Plus it came with sunglasses! How awesome is that!!! I mean the drinks were enough and I can’t wait to try them…but that the company threw in the glasses. They have my attention!

So the review of the Acai drink and the 2 coconut waters is coming soon.

I promise!

So this weekend the Hubby and I went shopping. It was not only to get things that we needed, pants…we really needed pants!, but to also get ready for the main event next month, Electric Daisy Carnavial.

We went to this really big Mall / Outlet thingy called Ontario Mills and I tell you. Just look at what I was able to burn while just walking and lugging all those bags around!

Did I mention that I got a tutu!! Which I am SO using for my next fun race ^_^

Next up is that…I got my computer back! Yup, its back from the shop and happy in my lap where it should be! 
I really can’t tell you how happy it is to have my baby back with me. 
As much as the Hubby was awesome in letting me borrow is computer, and he was awesome, it just wasn’t mine.
Mine is bigger…and well just mine. 
So it is with great joy that I say…Welcome Back!

This is just a public service announcement! And a Very Important One At That!
Have Fun! That is it. 
So many people have been serious lately. But even in a life change of losing weight. It is necessary to go out and have fun!
If you don’t…you might be losing sight of not only the reason why you started but letting yourself stress out.
And we all know Stress isn’t good for Weight Loss!

I haven’t been very good at working out lately. Monday I forgot my gym bag for my lunch run, and felt super weird after work (I did take my walk though) 
And today, well I forgot my breakfast. OY! I was STARVING by the time lunch came. So no Lunch Run for me. 
But to make up for it. I wanted something heart pounding and burning! I chose the Shaun T Hip Hop Ab’s. 
It was fun, heart pounding, sweat inducing, just hard enough, workout of the night! ^_^

I have been very faithful to having my Shakeology all last week and into Monday, today…well not so much, and I am feeling a difference.

It keeps me full. 

I don’t have as much cravings.

I don’t feel the need for coffee.

My appetite is smaller.

I cannot wait to see how I feel how by the time the bag is gone. Especially since this is everything in just the first week.

So there is just two more things. The first is that I did join with a group of people in BeachBody to do a 5 Day Slim Down. Thank you Alissa for inviting me ^_^

I am down to 204, that is 2 pounds form last week fyi. And I cannot wait to see how I come out at the end of this week.

Second is for tomorrow!

I got invited to go to Santa Monica with Woman’s Health Magazine to take some Core Fusion Workout Classes with the Next Fitness Star. I am heading there after work and already signed up for Core Fusion Barre (really looking forward to that one) and Core Fusion Sport.

So if you are in the Santa Monica area…join me! You can still RSVP! And if you aren’t in Santa Monica but still interested!?!? Well they are having it in other places. Just go to the bottom of the page and you can see where they are hosting them all!

Okay NeverEver’s, I have to get lots of sleep tonight because I am going to wake up early to get ready for work tomorrow. It is an International Pot Luck and I gotta make sure my Surprise MeatLoaf is ready to go…plus my surprise!

Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Thursday…One more day until Friday! Woot Woot!! I hope everyone has had an amazing day.

Personally I am not impressed ^_^ lol. No I just ‘half’ finished my root canal so I am currently feeling a little numb. But I am IN LOVE with my new dentist. No pain and it was finished SO quickly. They were even able to do the X-Ray without several tries. Oh they were amazing! Have to go back next Thursday to finish the root canal but I am actually looking forward to it lol.

But my day started pretty well. Got my Shakeology for breakfast and I have been experimenting with some flavors. Today was Peaches with 1 1/2 cup of light almond milk. It was really good. I am finding that my cravings for sweets (my weakness) seems to be lessening. I do still have them at times…and I do cave in, sometimes, but they do seem to be lessening. Which I am so damn happy about.

However, my workout wasn’t that great today. Had to really force myself to get into it. Which I did. I even ran at a 6.5 for a few seconds. And I did 6.0 for a whole minute! That is a big deal for me. Especially since when I first started running I felt like I was going super fast at 4.0 now I can handle 5.0 for a few minutes. Yay for progress.

Now it is time for Motivational Thursday! I really need it so I can get through my mile run tomorrow!

This is what helped me through my mile today!

I should remember this for next time. 

Doesn’t seem that hard ^_^

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither can you undo years of neglect. So give yourself time to breath! 

The more colors the better for you!

I like most of these…but Black Coffee. 

Just keep it up!

This is my mantra! It is so important to not go for a quick fix. 
Okay NeverEver’s, I am going to be heading to bed. I just took some pain killers and I am feeling super sleepy. I wish you all a SUPER MOTIVATIONAL THURSDAY and an even better Friday!

Getting my Groove Back

Hey NeverEver’s!

Sorry about no post yesterday…once I got home from work I passed out. I guess I was still so tired from Mother’s Day. But I have finally got back my energy and am ready to tackle the world again ^_~. Or maybe not the world…just the fitness world! Which will take most of my energy ^_^.

I am getting right back into my Lunch Runs. And they feel SOOOO good!

Today was 1.32 miles in 16:57 minutes. I feel like I am getting my groove back and although it does scare me at times to change and to keep at it. Well it scares me more to stay the way I am. So its an easy decision when I look at it like that. I can’t stay the way I am so its time to change ^_^.

Also sticking with my plan on Shakeology. That is my breakfast and I do have to say that it does keep me full for a while. I don’t feel the need to have more food or snacks. Which is good because the less food I feel like I need the less chance to have something sweet. So once the bag is gone…it will be time for a review ^_^

I did join the ‘bandwagon’ of Evernote and I see why people love it. It is so awesome that it syncs from my computer to my phone without any issue. So if I put my shopping list on one I have it on the other. So awesome. But what I am using it for today was to write out my goals for this week. And there they are!

So today. I have been able to accomplish:

Shakeology (check)
Lunch Run (check)
Dinner (almost check…its right after this post)
Slim in 6 (not yet…want to do it after dinner)
Sleep (not really only got 5)
Sweet Stay Away (nope failed…I had some Mike & Ikes)

So not as good as I would like but making progress! Slow and Steady right?

I was saving this for Motivational Thursday (I know I missed last weeks SORRY) but it seemed perfect here. Because we all don’t remember this. We, meaning I, always think that a little slip up means we have to start ALL over again and that it gives us, me, the right to just give up. Well it doesn’t. I don’t want to climb the hill all over again. I don’t like hills!

So no more starting over on hills. Even if I slip down a little…I will just keep going.

Okay NeverEver’s, the Hubby is telling me that he is hungry so its dinner making time. Have a good night!

My Family is Growing – A Mothers Day Story

Hey NeverEver’s!

I hope you have had a great Mothers Day! That day isn’t done so if you haven’t had a great one yet…create that happy day! You deserve it, especially if your a Mom!

However, I am personally exhausted. And all I did was watch a baby being born this weekend…I didn’t have one. So I would have thought I wouldn’t be so tired. It happens all the time, just sit in the waiting room and relax and let nature take its course. Well I don’t think that way anymore…that is for sure!

Let me introduce you to someone,

This is my nephew, Aiden Sanchez Orozco. He was born on 5/11/13 7 pounds and 14 ounces. He is also the first baby born to the younger generation of the family. This is also the cutest baby EVER. Hands down…no arguing! ^_~

So this little brat was supposed to be born 2 weeks ago, but he didn’t want to come out until yesterday. We went to Arizona 2 weeks ago and as soon as we heard there was the contractions happening we went to Arizona again…just for him. Also for my sister in law…but mainly for him ^_^.

Got there late Friday night and not much was happening. At least those of us that weren’t trying to give birth. We were just there to have our hand squeezed and to remind her to breath. Of course as we weren’t that busy we all had time to over think and to worry. Which didn’t lead to much rest. About 2ish in the morning the nurses kicked most of us out of the room and told us to come back in the morning.

Have to say that my car is pretty comfy. As we had previous exerpence with the Arizona weather, we knew to put up the car blinds BEFORE the sun came up. Yes…it is THAT hot out there…oy! So we did try to get some sleep since we were running a little empty but we really didn’t get that much.

However how hot Arizona is they do have great sunrises! So we did get up with the sun, checked in on the sis in law, no changes, then went to go get some breakfast. Now it was just the waiting game. Or at least that is what we thought. But nope, turned out it was time for a c-section. The baby just wasn’t coming down. After that decision came through things went pretty quickly. Because next thing we knew

 My sis in law got to meet her little one finally. He was such a little mover once he was placed on the little bed. Started doing some push ups ^_~. Gonna be a muscle head he is lol.

All of Saturday we took turns holding him and letting his mom rest. He was a good baby not crying that much and eating when he needed to. We couldn’t get enough time with him, between me, the hubby and his other sister. Some of some more family came to visit so we all used that time to get a hotel and head to sleep.

Visited the family once more before leaving Arizona then headed home. Now that I am back home I and finding myself tired. So I will be heading to bed early most likely but not before making one more call to my own Mom to make sure she knows that she is loved. As she is a truck driver I can’t take her out until she is back in town.

Okay NeverEver’s again Happy Mothers Day to all the old and new Moms out there. You guys are amazing with all you put up with and give out to your children.

Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Monday and I hope you are having a great one! Today I was lucky enough to get a Guest Poster!! Her name is Michelle Pino and this is her post.

Nearly every person tries to find ways to improve their health and well-being. However, most folks find it

difficult to make the time for a trip to the gym or the time needed to prepare a healthy meal. In today’s fast paced society, you must find creative ways to get your exercise and stay fit. With simple tips, you can turn everyday activities into easy, calorie burning exercises.

First, start your day off right with some light stretching. Before you get out of bed in the morning, take a few minutes to stretch your arms, legs, and back. Once you hop out of bed, you can do a few more stretches for your arms, legs and back to get your blood flowing. Not only will this energize you, but you will feel ready to tackle the day.
photo credit

Another great tip to get a little movement during your day is to find a great parking spot. Not right in front of the building however, but as far away as possible. This will give you a chance to get a nice walk in before you head into work. A few extra minutes of walking will help to keep your legs and joints in shape.

For most people, a day at the office can be very sedentary. However, that can easily change. If you need to speak to a coworker, instead of calling them, take a stroll to their desk. Also, if you work on an upper floor, opt for the stairs instead of the elevator. These simple steps help to improve your health in the long run.

A common tip that many folks use at the office is eating at their desk. If you take a sandwich for lunch and can finish quickly, that gives you time to take a stroll outside. A breath of fresh air in the middle of the day is a great way to feel rejuvenated and reset the mind.

Finally, a great tip for promoting a healthier lifestyle is, while at home for the evening, take a short walk around your neighborhood. This will give you some exercise, but it will also get you some fresh air and sunshine, both of which are proven mood boosters. Plus, you will get a chance to chat with neighbors, and unwind from the hectic workday.

Here are just a few ways to promote a healthier lifestyle with minimum effort. These simple steps will help you to stay on track of your goal.

photo credit

You can also use Inspiration boards. They have become very popular yet highly effective way to organize your thoughts when taking on a new project. They are commonly used to plan weddings, home improvement projects and vacations, so why not use one for your fitness goals?

A “Fitspiration board” can be used to visualize your goals in a tangible form, enabling your mind and body to come together more effectively to create the changes you want to see in your physique. Here are some easy steps to help you get started.

1. Begin collecting images of people, places, experiences, or things – anything that inspires you to lead a fit lifestyle.

2. Look through everything you’ve collected and choose an anchor image. What themes do you notice in your collection?

3. Begin placing the other pictures you’ve selected around your anchor image. Your images may be very similar or all over the place depending on your style, and that’s ok. Everyone is different!

4. Reflect on what you have created. How does it make you feel?

5. Look through your notes and make adjustments to your fitspiration board accordingly.

6. You’ll know your board is “fitspirational” when you haven’t wanted to make any changes to it for at least a week. Make sure to keep it in a prominent place so you will see it often.

Here is an example:

Part of my own initiative to live a healthier lifestyle is to take better care of my body. As I get older I’m learning better ways to protect myself from harmful UV rays, unlike when I was younger and would sunbathe with baby oil. Yikes! Problem is, I love the sun: to compromise, I bought a pair of sunglasses that protects against UVA & UVB rays (similar to the one pictured from Style Bop) to help shield my eyes. Wearing sunglasses can help prevent sun damage to your eyes that could cause cataracts.

Make eating healthy food fun and exciting! Creative ways to make healthy food more enticing like these fruit skewers is a fun way to help us enjoy healthy foods. These fruit skewers are a great example for party appetizer for a summer barbeque: a great alternative to chips and dips.

Personally, I am not a super athletic person. I’ve always been a believer in It is doing what makes you feel good. So if walking and bike riding is your thing, go for it! Golf is a great example. I’ve been taking lessons near my work at NY golf course, Shenendoah, as a way to add variety to my normal routine. Doing the same old boring routine, is an easy way to lose motivation and “fall off the wagon”. Golf is great because not only is it less strenuous physical activity, but you also are able to enjoy the outdoors and walk, a lot. To me, there’s no better feeling than enjoying the outdoors.

Tip: Make sure what is on the board is what you really want. Taking the time to create and maintain a fitspiration board is a fun yet powerful way to keep you motivated on the path towards the fit lifestyle you’re yearning for.

Michelle Pino, is a Spa Manager in Verona, NY.  Michelle has provided these tips in hopes to educate others on how to lead a more motivating and less stressful life.  Michelle believes more focused approach put on our health will result in better balanced life.  Her hobbies include gardening, reading and learning about healthy lifestyles.”

Welcome May Day – Monthly Challenges

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to first first day in May! Can you believe that it is already May? Where has the time gone? Seriously…I have NO idea. But because it is already the first of May I wanted to start it off right…or at least as right as I can with my tooth hurting me (I fix it tomorrow ^_^).

So how do I want to start this May off right? Well I got together with some of my SweatPink Sisters and Girls Gone Sporty to see what they were doing. They had SOO many great ideas that I decided to share them here.

First up is from Nanci from SweatPink. She is joining May “RUN EVERY DAY” Challenge. Its a Facebook challenge and is open to the public so you can totally join in! Thank you Nanci!

Next one is also from a SweatPink sister Renita! She is trying out Rhodes to Fitness ‘May Ab Challenge‘. They are doing it a little differently, which I kind of like, by creating a Facebook Photo Album to show you how to do the exercises required.

Stephanie from SweatPink is doing a Squat Challenge! Which just seems KILLER but totally doable! The plan comes from an awesome site called Shrinking Jeans (isn’t that an awesome name!). The plan for squats is pretty good…plus it has rest days built in! 30 Days of Squats!

Over at Fitpiration they are doing a Mad Muscle May! I like the groups of muscles that this plan works plus it does have rest days built in. Which always makes it better so we don’t over work ourselves ^_~

A fellow blogger over at CourtneyRea Fitness is doing a Push Up Challenge. This is something that I really need to be working on. Something that should make those arms look great for Summer!!

If you didn’t get enough of an ab workout from the last one you really need to check out a fellow bloggers May Ab’s workout! Piper from PiperRun makes a great calendar workout that really works those Ab’s! You know Summer is coming right? Well maybe not where its still snowing but its coming!

This is a Healthy Eating Challenge on Facebook. Something to make sure all those exercises aren’t going to waste ^_~. The first week of Clean Your Eating Habits Challenge is all about not eating out. Yup NO fast food at all, which isn’t easy but totally doable!

Yup we got another Squat challenge! This one is from an blogger called Mom Runs for Health! It seems like you can really get those legs under control and right before short season with these moves! It ends with 100 squats (OMG) at the end of May. So try out the 30 Day Squat Challenge.

Last but NOT least there is 1 more running challenge! This one was created by The Pink Growl and was brought to my attention by a SweatPink Sister Lynda from Fitness Mom Win Country! Plus 30 miles is completely doable, which is a total plus for me ^_~

So NeverEver’s these are the challenges that I found out about for this Month. Now I wont be joining ALL of them, that will be a little crazy. But I do want to do 2 of them. Not sure which ones as I need to get my tooth fixed (walking hurts…sometimes even air from breathing) so after that is done I will be making my decision on what I can do.

I do hope that you all join a few of these, or if you know more let me know ^_^. Let me know what you guys join in!

Okay NeverEver’s, I am heading to bed…haven’t been sleeping very well (stupid tooth). So Good Night!