Welcome May Day – Monthly Challenges

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to first first day in May! Can you believe that it is already May? Where has the time gone? Seriously…I have NO idea. But because it is already the first of May I wanted to start it off right…or at least as right as I can with my tooth hurting me (I fix it tomorrow ^_^).

So how do I want to start this May off right? Well I got together with some of my SweatPink Sisters and Girls Gone Sporty to see what they were doing. They had SOO many great ideas that I decided to share them here.

First up is from Nanci from SweatPink. She is joining May “RUN EVERY DAY” Challenge. Its a Facebook challenge and is open to the public so you can totally join in! Thank you Nanci!

Next one is also from a SweatPink sister Renita! She is trying out Rhodes to Fitness ‘May Ab Challenge‘. They are doing it a little differently, which I kind of like, by creating a Facebook Photo Album to show you how to do the exercises required.

Stephanie from SweatPink is doing a Squat Challenge! Which just seems KILLER but totally doable! The plan comes from an awesome site called Shrinking Jeans (isn’t that an awesome name!). The plan for squats is pretty good…plus it has rest days built in! 30 Days of Squats!

Over at Fitpiration they are doing a Mad Muscle May! I like the groups of muscles that this plan works plus it does have rest days built in. Which always makes it better so we don’t over work ourselves ^_~

A fellow blogger over at CourtneyRea Fitness is doing a Push Up Challenge. This is something that I really need to be working on. Something that should make those arms look great for Summer!!

If you didn’t get enough of an ab workout from the last one you really need to check out a fellow bloggers May Ab’s workout! Piper from PiperRun makes a great calendar workout that really works those Ab’s! You know Summer is coming right? Well maybe not where its still snowing but its coming!

This is a Healthy Eating Challenge on Facebook. Something to make sure all those exercises aren’t going to waste ^_~. The first week of Clean Your Eating Habits Challenge is all about not eating out. Yup NO fast food at all, which isn’t easy but totally doable!

Yup we got another Squat challenge! This one is from an blogger called Mom Runs for Health! It seems like you can really get those legs under control and right before short season with these moves! It ends with 100 squats (OMG) at the end of May. So try out the 30 Day Squat Challenge.

Last but NOT least there is 1 more running challenge! This one was created by The Pink Growl and was brought to my attention by a SweatPink Sister Lynda from Fitness Mom Win Country! Plus 30 miles is completely doable, which is a total plus for me ^_~

So NeverEver’s these are the challenges that I found out about for this Month. Now I wont be joining ALL of them, that will be a little crazy. But I do want to do 2 of them. Not sure which ones as I need to get my tooth fixed (walking hurts…sometimes even air from breathing) so after that is done I will be making my decision on what I can do.

I do hope that you all join a few of these, or if you know more let me know ^_^. Let me know what you guys join in!

Okay NeverEver’s, I am heading to bed…haven’t been sleeping very well (stupid tooth). So Good Night!

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