My Family is Growing – A Mothers Day Story

Hey NeverEver’s!

I hope you have had a great Mothers Day! That day isn’t done so if you haven’t had a great one yet…create that happy day! You deserve it, especially if your a Mom!

However, I am personally exhausted. And all I did was watch a baby being born this weekend…I didn’t have one. So I would have thought I wouldn’t be so tired. It happens all the time, just sit in the waiting room and relax and let nature take its course. Well I don’t think that way anymore…that is for sure!

Let me introduce you to someone,

This is my nephew, Aiden Sanchez Orozco. He was born on 5/11/13 7 pounds and 14 ounces. He is also the first baby born to the younger generation of the family. This is also the cutest baby EVER. Hands down…no arguing! ^_~

So this little brat was supposed to be born 2 weeks ago, but he didn’t want to come out until yesterday. We went to Arizona 2 weeks ago and as soon as we heard there was the contractions happening we went to Arizona again…just for him. Also for my sister in law…but mainly for him ^_^.

Got there late Friday night and not much was happening. At least those of us that weren’t trying to give birth. We were just there to have our hand squeezed and to remind her to breath. Of course as we weren’t that busy we all had time to over think and to worry. Which didn’t lead to much rest. About 2ish in the morning the nurses kicked most of us out of the room and told us to come back in the morning.

Have to say that my car is pretty comfy. As we had previous exerpence with the Arizona weather, we knew to put up the car blinds BEFORE the sun came up. Yes…it is THAT hot out there…oy! So we did try to get some sleep since we were running a little empty but we really didn’t get that much.

However how hot Arizona is they do have great sunrises! So we did get up with the sun, checked in on the sis in law, no changes, then went to go get some breakfast. Now it was just the waiting game. Or at least that is what we thought. But nope, turned out it was time for a c-section. The baby just wasn’t coming down. After that decision came through things went pretty quickly. Because next thing we knew

 My sis in law got to meet her little one finally. He was such a little mover once he was placed on the little bed. Started doing some push ups ^_~. Gonna be a muscle head he is lol.

All of Saturday we took turns holding him and letting his mom rest. He was a good baby not crying that much and eating when he needed to. We couldn’t get enough time with him, between me, the hubby and his other sister. Some of some more family came to visit so we all used that time to get a hotel and head to sleep.

Visited the family once more before leaving Arizona then headed home. Now that I am back home I and finding myself tired. So I will be heading to bed early most likely but not before making one more call to my own Mom to make sure she knows that she is loved. As she is a truck driver I can’t take her out until she is back in town.

Okay NeverEver’s again Happy Mothers Day to all the old and new Moms out there. You guys are amazing with all you put up with and give out to your children.

3 thoughts on “My Family is Growing – A Mothers Day Story

  1. Congrats! He is adorable! Sounds like you had quite an adventure and should be tired! Lol! I spent the day bowling and then swimming before going out for a run. I am exhausted too!

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