Getting my Groove Back

Hey NeverEver’s!

Sorry about no post yesterday…once I got home from work I passed out. I guess I was still so tired from Mother’s Day. But I have finally got back my energy and am ready to tackle the world again ^_~. Or maybe not the world…just the fitness world! Which will take most of my energy ^_^.

I am getting right back into my Lunch Runs. And they feel SOOOO good!

Today was 1.32 miles in 16:57 minutes. I feel like I am getting my groove back and although it does scare me at times to change and to keep at it. Well it scares me more to stay the way I am. So its an easy decision when I look at it like that. I can’t stay the way I am so its time to change ^_^.

Also sticking with my plan on Shakeology. That is my breakfast and I do have to say that it does keep me full for a while. I don’t feel the need to have more food or snacks. Which is good because the less food I feel like I need the less chance to have something sweet. So once the bag is gone…it will be time for a review ^_^

I did join the ‘bandwagon’ of Evernote and I see why people love it. It is so awesome that it syncs from my computer to my phone without any issue. So if I put my shopping list on one I have it on the other. So awesome. But what I am using it for today was to write out my goals for this week. And there they are!

So today. I have been able to accomplish:

Shakeology (check)
Lunch Run (check)
Dinner (almost check…its right after this post)
Slim in 6 (not yet…want to do it after dinner)
Sleep (not really only got 5)
Sweet Stay Away (nope failed…I had some Mike & Ikes)

So not as good as I would like but making progress! Slow and Steady right?

I was saving this for Motivational Thursday (I know I missed last weeks SORRY) but it seemed perfect here. Because we all don’t remember this. We, meaning I, always think that a little slip up means we have to start ALL over again and that it gives us, me, the right to just give up. Well it doesn’t. I don’t want to climb the hill all over again. I don’t like hills!

So no more starting over on hills. Even if I slip down a little…I will just keep going.

Okay NeverEver’s, the Hubby is telling me that he is hungry so its dinner making time. Have a good night!

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