What Has Been Happening!?!

Hey NeverEver’s!

I am alive! Yay! Seriously have been feeling really weird lately. Especially in the stomach and wooziness. Really thinking its the penecilin that my dentist had to shoot up my tooth for my tooth infection. I am just happy that as of this Thursday I will be finished with the root canal and this tooth business! At least until I get insurance…then I am sure it will start all over again lol.

Anyways, I do have some things to update everyone on. Sit down…this might take a while ^_~

So I get to do a review of Zola! I just got the box yesterday and it came as a surprise because I had completely forgotten that I had signed up for it.

Plus it came with sunglasses! How awesome is that!!! I mean the drinks were enough and I can’t wait to try them…but that the company threw in the glasses. They have my attention!

So the review of the Acai drink and the 2 coconut waters is coming soon.

I promise!

So this weekend the Hubby and I went shopping. It was not only to get things that we needed, pants…we really needed pants!, but to also get ready for the main event next month, Electric Daisy Carnavial.

We went to this really big Mall / Outlet thingy called Ontario Mills and I tell you. Just look at what I was able to burn while just walking and lugging all those bags around!

Did I mention that I got a tutu!! Which I am SO using for my next fun race ^_^

Next up is that…I got my computer back! Yup, its back from the shop and happy in my lap where it should be! 
I really can’t tell you how happy it is to have my baby back with me. 
As much as the Hubby was awesome in letting me borrow is computer, and he was awesome, it just wasn’t mine.
Mine is bigger…and well just mine. 
So it is with great joy that I say…Welcome Back!

This is just a public service announcement! And a Very Important One At That!
Have Fun! That is it. 
So many people have been serious lately. But even in a life change of losing weight. It is necessary to go out and have fun!
If you don’t…you might be losing sight of not only the reason why you started but letting yourself stress out.
And we all know Stress isn’t good for Weight Loss!

I haven’t been very good at working out lately. Monday I forgot my gym bag for my lunch run, and felt super weird after work (I did take my walk though) 
And today, well I forgot my breakfast. OY! I was STARVING by the time lunch came. So no Lunch Run for me. 
But to make up for it. I wanted something heart pounding and burning! I chose the Shaun T Hip Hop Ab’s. 
It was fun, heart pounding, sweat inducing, just hard enough, workout of the night! ^_^

I have been very faithful to having my Shakeology all last week and into Monday, today…well not so much, and I am feeling a difference.

It keeps me full. 

I don’t have as much cravings.

I don’t feel the need for coffee.

My appetite is smaller.

I cannot wait to see how I feel how by the time the bag is gone. Especially since this is everything in just the first week.

So there is just two more things. The first is that I did join with a group of people in BeachBody to do a 5 Day Slim Down. Thank you Alissa for inviting me ^_^

I am down to 204, that is 2 pounds form last week fyi. And I cannot wait to see how I come out at the end of this week.

Second is for tomorrow!

I got invited to go to Santa Monica with Woman’s Health Magazine to take some Core Fusion Workout Classes with the Next Fitness Star. I am heading there after work and already signed up for Core Fusion Barre (really looking forward to that one) and Core Fusion Sport.

So if you are in the Santa Monica area…join me! You can still RSVP! And if you aren’t in Santa Monica but still interested!?!? Well they are having it in other places. Just go to the bottom of the page and you can see where they are hosting them all!

Okay NeverEver’s, I have to get lots of sleep tonight because I am going to wake up early to get ready for work tomorrow. It is an International Pot Luck and I gotta make sure my Surprise MeatLoaf is ready to go…plus my surprise!

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