Woman’s Heath Magazine: Fusion Fest

Hey NeverEver’s!!

Welcome to the beginning of a 3 day Weekend! If you have made it this far I say we should pat ourselves on the back! We made it and we are going to enjoy it!

However, I want to go back a few days…back to Wednesday! Cause well Thursday was horrible with my food poisoning, so I don’t want to talk about that one ^_^.

So on Wednesday, it started out at work with an International Pot Luck Day! In which I brought some meatloaf (seriously couldn’t think of anything ‘American’ lol). But they also had a competition that you could dress up for the ‘Most Ethic’.

After consulting with my HR, making sure I could dress up and not be that particular ethnicity…I present you with my outfit!

I actually got that Yukata from an exchange student that I worked with when I was younger. It is also the same outfit that the Hubby finally ‘saw’ me once Halloween a long time ago ^_~. So this outfit has brought me pretty good luck.

And now it got me $150, in which I am getting my hair done with! Oh Ya! Have the appointment for tomorrow and I really can’t wait!

So from being dressed up in a Yukata, different from a Kimono as it isn’t AS formal and mainly used for Summer Parties, it was tiring. Hey you try walking fast with your legs in a small dress lol.

I was so ready for my after work party! The Woman’s Health Magazine Fusion Fest! In which…workout attire was strongly recommended ^_^

I did oh so love the beach weather on Thursday as well. It wasn’t to hot and it wasn’t to cold! Perfect!

When I first walked into the Hotel there were having another party as well. That one was for Orbitz, but as soon as I saw the flag I knew where I was going to! 

The bags were the cutest things! Inside was some Vita Cocunut Water, passes to a local hair salon (so am going to try them out) and of course the latest issue of Woman’s Health Magazine. 

I took this candid shot while heading to my fitness class. I just loved that there was already people milling about and talking fitness so early. It really felt like a community ^_^

So this is my ‘After a KickAss Barre Class’ face. I am smiling but oh so red. Gotta love being white…it really shows when you work hard…or just don’t breath. Either way gets you red ^_^.

Anyways, I have never taken a Barre Class before and I was excited to try it out. In my head I was picturing tutu’s, pink things, and ballet. None of it which was true.

Barre class really works your muscles without bring up your heart rate. Not to say that it isn’t pumping…it just isn’t pumping as much as a Zumba Class. But, I liked it. There was even a short bar just for me ^_^. We worked with bands instead of weights, which from what I understood was a change in pace. Did these leg raises and stood on our toes. I didn’t know my ankles needed to be worked out but they did, and it felt good. I also liked the stretching. Felt that it did my whole body.

The class was challenging enough where there was times I couldn’t do the whole set without taking a breath but easy enough where I didn’t feel over-whelmed (I am looking at you first class of spin) and didn’t want to come back.

My verdict of Barre Class: Take it! If you have been doing weights and doing the same thing, do something different with those muscles. You will be sore the next day…but a pleasant sore not a ‘OMG I can’t move’ sore (really looking at you BodyPump)

After working out I really needed a tall glass of something. Happily they were passing out these babies. Now I got a regular Vita Coco in my goodie bag but they had this Peach & Mango one. It really tasted of Peaches & Mango’s. Which was a happy surprise since Coconut isn’t exactly my favorite fruit…like at all. 

There was a clothes vendor there called ‘Strut-This‘. They had all of these cute tops and bottoms that I just wanted to buy right up. However, I couldn’t…it wasn’t possible. So I got the one above! It fits like a dream and the color’s are just awesome! 

However, the real reason I went there, besides the goodie bag, the workouts, the drinks and the clothes, is the woman above. Kit Rich. She is one of the finalists for the Woman’s Health Magazine ‘The Next Fitness Star‘. The voting starts on June 15th.

But what I was really impressed by was the feeling of welcome that Kit projected onto everyone. I watched her talk to several other people, taking her time answering questions and giving each one individual attention. When it came my turn, well I only had a few questions but I did love the answers.

We talked about how she had body issues with how she looked for the longest time. That her family was un-healthy, her brother lost over 100 pounds (yay him). And that she never thought she would get into ‘fitness’. That she just fell into it when her own Pilates teacher told her that she could be a great teacher. Which, after watching her talking with people and me, I completely agree with that teacher!

But what caught me the most was the article she wrote for Self. I remembered reading it a few months ago and how it hit me. How it touched me while reading it, and meeting her in person it felt even more real. That article about ‘10 Year Late Self-Expression‘. I remember thinking that I could relate to how she was and wasn’t what she thought she would be in that letter. If you haven’t read it I would HIGHLY recommend it.

So, it is possible to not only change your own life but those around you. And if you had that chance…wouldn’t you take it? That is what Kit did. And I respect her for that.

Okay NeverEver’s, Hubby is about to take me out on Date Night, so I am ending this post. However, don’t forget that to check out that article ^_~

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