Summer is Here – July

Hey NeverEver’s!

July is almost here. In fact its just a day away. I really can’t believe that 7 months have passed sense the beginning of the year. 7 months of 5k’s, exercises, back sliding, new jobs, started beachbody, got into shakeology and growing this blog. Its been an exciting 7 months and I really can’t wait to see how the rest of the year goes!!

With that being said…let me introduce you to July’s Calendar!

Isn’t it so cute! I found it at I wish I found this place sooner but now I found it…its here to stay!

So as you can see from July 4th to the 7th I don’t have any exercises planned. The reason is because of Anime Expo. It is something the Hubby and I do every year.

Here we are from last year! This year I am not dressing up this year but Hubby is. Can’t wait to show everyone. Can’t so now apparently, the Hubby doesn’t want it shown until its ready ^_^.

There is also another change that I have been thinking about for a while. To Gym or not to Gym…that is the question.

And I have decided to suspend or quit my gym membership for now. I have very good reasons as to why I am going to try and suspend and if that isn’t possible quit the gym.

  • I have a Treadmill at work and I am actually using it (mostly)
  • I want to finish 30 days of Hip Hop Ab’s – And after that I got Slim in 6
  • I have good outside weather to workout in
  • I haven’t been to the gym in 2 months
I also have another reason as to why I want to suspend or quit the gym. 
  • I just got a 4 week Boot Camp Program from Groupon with Live in Fit

I just want to know how I am going to survive waking up early enough to get to the 4:45 am class. Oy NeverEver’s give me strength! 
I will find out on Monday if I can suspend or if I have to quit. Really I don’t want to quit the gym, I just don’t want to keep paying for something that I am just not using. 
What else does July have planned for me? 
Well the Hubby’s Birthday is on the 10th and I have something planned for him on the 12th. Hopefully, everything will go well ^_^. 
I am also going to be training for my next 5k which is on August 17th. The Ready, Set, Glow 5k. Still can’t believe that this race will be my 8th 5k this year. Only have 5 more to go to complete the 13 in 2013 challenge. 
I did decide to do a training plan for this upcoming run. It seemed time to get serious about running my 5k’s instead of just ‘running’ them. I already got my mile down from 16 minutes to 12 minutes and I am sure I can get it down more. So here is my Running Plan!
I got this training plan from Hal Higdon. I almost did the ‘Intermediate’ Training Plan but after really thinking about it…I am still a beginner. This is the first year I have ever ran before and while I am liking it, I don’t want to kill myself or make me hate it. 
Also, I loved that this plan also had Friday as a rest day as that is exactly the day I want as my rest day ^_^
So this is my plan for July. It is going to be a busy month and it looks like its all under control. I just hope the heat doesn’t get to bad…I know its wishful thinking. At least the Hubby got the AC unit in yesterday. 
Okay NeverEver’s, So what is your plan for July? How do you feel about the gym?

June in Review!

Hello NeverEver’s!!

Looks who is writing on a Friday?!? Yes I am totally awesome and amazing and awesome…wait I already said awesome. No its you guys who are awesome I am just to hot to do anything else but write the review for this Month.

 So where should I start? Lets start at the beginning…with the Calendar! I just got back from a week hiatus because of some family drama and I was going to come back strong! I knew it. June was going to be my month! And in some ways it was.

I didn’t follow the calendar though. Only woke up early once to do the morning workout. That is something that I really want to work on.

But I did do my first week of official Food Prep! It was awesome and something that I am going to be doing more. So easier just to relax and know what was going to be for dinner…just warm it up. Amazing.

The Hubby also started to really workout with me in the evenings. Thank you Shaun T and Hip Hop Ab’s! It is something that is fun for both of us and it works us OUT!

It really does push you to have someone else workout with you. Especially when you are keeping up with them or even passing them ^_^

Ended up going to the beach twice this month. First time I came back with a NASTY blister, but thank you for the idea of using that blister band-aid…it worked like magic. But the second time it was nothing but FUN!

  I was finally able to wear my flowly skirt that I have been DYING to try for a while. It was perfect weather and area for it. I felt soooo pretty ^_~

I also decided to do the Shakeology Cleanse this month. It wasn’t something that I planned…well more then a few days out, but I think I worked it well. The family supported me while I was doing this so it made it easier. 

 Day 1 – Getting into the swing of things. Was starving by the time I got home from work

Day 2 – Learned the secret in how not to be staving by the time I got home
Day 3 – Liked the results ^_^
And then there was EDC 2013. It was what I had planned for the whole month. Dreamed about for the whole year and in no way was ready for. 

But with the Hubby ALL things are fun (that’s one of the reasons why I keep him lol). And it was time to dance / walk the night away. 

Oh and wear some of the costumes that I had created for this event. Dressing up was so much fun PLUS I got myself a tutu that I can wear to my 5k’s! Its multi purpose ^_~

Hubby went with a super hero complex. Superman the first night and Batman the second night. 

Plus we had to ride some of the free carnival rides. It was amazing to see the crowds from high up…so many people!

 Plus there was just normal Vegas itself and we had to make a small trip to Paris! I mean hey…its gonna be a few years before I can make it to the real thing.

However, all of this doesn’t lead up to the one thing that I am most proud of this month. But before I get into that what am I proud of?

5. I did a cleanse and felt good about myself
4. I found out that I can eat less and still feel satisfied
3. Hubby and I found our outside exercise pace. I shuffle jog while he speeds walks. Its beautiful ^_^
2. I finally got myself a scale. No more second guessing or wondering…I KNOW!

1. #BUTTONUP Challenge

At the beginning of this year I accepted a challenge from a bloggy friend Steph from Orange Spoken to pick 1 clothing item that you couldn’t button up or get all the way up. 
So I chose the above items. I got them LAST year for Summer and well I wasn’t able to get them past my junk in the trunk (hehe pg wording)
I kept them in the drawer and kept looking at them at least once a month, the drawer also holds my hair dryer so its hard to miss really…
BUT…I am now able to get them up and over the junk in the trunk! 

 It may not look perfect. It may still be tight and in NO way am I wearing this outside. But it is on and further up then ever before.

So I am ending June on a high note. Now to get ready for July!

NeverEver’s, how was your month? Did you accomplish everything you wanted to? Did you fall half way? short? Let me know!

Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s!

Only one more day until the weekend is officially here!! Yay! It has been a pretty busy day and after writing this I am headed out for a night walk. The weather is just perfect for it. And it will be my last ‘official’ workout this weekend. Lots of dancing and walking this weekend but no official workout. All about EDC ^_^.

But tonight it is all about Motivational Thursday!


Well if I didn’t want to walk before this I really want to do it now! So have a good weekend you all! I will be  back on Monday!! 

Cleanse – Day 3 – The Final Day

Hey NeverEver’s!

Happy Wednesday. I hope you all had a great day! Especially since it is Hump Day and that much closer to the weekend!

For me this day felt kind of blah. I felt like I wasn’t able to accomplish anything. Even though I did…I felt that it was more repeating the same stuff over again. Things that I went through before, or things that I thought I handled and yet them came back again.

It was just one of those days. I also think this had to do with the cleanse as well. Since for the 3rd day in a row I am eating and drinking the same thing it made it all the more blah. I guess doing the same thing over and over again isn’t for me.

But on to the cleanse…The Final Day!

Day 3 is basically the same thing as the other days.

  • Lots of liquids
  • Lots of Shakeology
  • Salad
  • And More Liquids

The same as Day 1 and Day 2.

What I want to concentrate on is how I feel and what I learned from this cleanse.

Especially since it just hit me that I didn’t weigh in before the start of this -_-. However that has been taken care of for future.

So how did I feel?

  • I didn’t feel hungry
  • I didn’t feel deprived
  • I had energy – mostly but my one slump I am putting more on work
  • I was able to workout
  • The bathroom was used a LOT more then before but that is to be expected
  • I felt good about myself
So what did I learn? 
  • I can eat fewer calories
  • Eating a more fulling lunch will keep me satisfied longer and not be as hungry for dinner
  • I can drink lots of water
  • Watching what I am eating doesn’t mean I will starve
  • I miss my shakeology with almond milk
  • I can do it
Would I recommend this cleanse to anyone? Yes. I would however recommend that you do it during a 3 day weekend so you don’t have to deal with work and everything that can bring.
Am I satisfied with the results of this cleanse? Yes. I do feel that my pants are looser and even though I didn’t weigh myself I do feel lighter. 
Would I do this cleanse again? Yes. But not for a while. The official page recommends it every 3 months. 
Now what am I going to do about myself not getting weighed? I know there are people that hate weighing. Feel that it is horrible and I get that. And if I become a person that has to weigh themselves everyday…I am going to get rid of it. BUT, I need to know where I stand. Soooo
I got myself a scale. Its from Target and was only $29.00. Not bad for something that can have up to 4 users on it. Now I have no excuse not to do the Weekly Weigh In ^_^. 
Okay NeverEver’s, I am leaving you all with this. I got to get my outfits ready for EDC. I finished my first one before writing this…which is why this is so late lol.
Its a corset with a tutu and I am going to have leggings underneath. Working on Outfit 2 and Outfit 3 right now! See you all tomorrow for some Motivational Thursday!! 

Cleanse – Day 2

Hey NeverEver’s!!

Its Tuesday. One day closer to the weekend that just can’t come fast enough for me. I just can’t wait for Vegas and EDC this weekend.

But, what I mainly came here to write about is about my cleanse…the Day 2 of my Cleanse to be exact.

Day 2 started off strong. Well after I got to work is was really strong. Before…well the snooze button really should have never been created.

This time I wasn’t that busy so I had my green tea and my cold shakeology ready to go at the same time. Finished the Green Tea first. Just some advise…don’t forget to take out the tea bag. I forgot and man did that tea get strong.

But then it got busy. Super busy. And then I got hungry…and it was only 10ish. So since my lunch was supposed to be at 11:30 I decided to just wait, after having some grapes, for my lunch time. Well I ended up not going to lunch until a little after 12. So needless to say I was hungry and I decided to have the salad for lunch.

There is a little store by work that serves all different kinds of salad. This one was to be the ‘Asian Chicken Salad’, and it is delicious. But this time I got it without the dressing and ate it as is. Still not bad. But with dressing it is better…not gonna lie.

Also, I didn’t do my lunch run. I was feeling super sore from last nights Hip Hop Ab’s Total Body Workout but I would have done it…if a treadmill was open. Another reason why I don’t like going to lunch late. No treadmill. GRRR

Getting back into work after lunch it was just as busy as when I left it. Good thing – the day goes by faster…Bad thing – you can’t really get up to get water…or anything.

Once I got home I was feeling tired. However, I wasn’t sure if that was just from my day at work, the cleanse at work, or just being physically tired from the workouts. And the suckie part of it…I still don’t have an answer as to why I was tired.

However, the Hubby is who got me up and moving at the end of the day. By myself I probably would have just stayed in bed reading. But he said ‘No’. So I compromised with him. No Hip Hop Ab’s but he can join me for my nightly walk.

Well that walk turned into him power walking and my jogging beside him. Yes my legs are that bloody short that I have to jog to keep up -_-.

So it was a good workout. I got a good sweat on and I moved those muscles that I needed to move. Thank you Hubby for getting me up and out there.

All in All it was a pretty good day. I had a moment of temptation when I went to pick up the salad (there was a poppyseed muffin) but I was able to power through that. I don’t feel deprived so far. All though all this liquids sure have made the bathroom my friend.

Okay NeverEver’s! It is time for me to get my shower and bed on. Need to rest up for tomorrows Shaun T’s workout 0_o.

Cleanse – Day 1

Hey NeverEver’s!!

Happy Monday! I hope you have all had a great one. Right now I just finished my dinner (enchilada salad) and am dying in the heat while waiting for the sun to go down.

But what you guys wanna hear is about Day 1 of the cleanse. How did I do? How did it feel? Was it satisfying? Did I get hungry? Hell was I starving?

Started the Morning off really late. Why? Because I was busy at work. But I got my green tea done first…then had my shakeology. 
The green tea actually filled me up pretty well even before the Shakeology. So by the end of the drink it lasted me until a little after lunch. 

Lunch was my normal Lunch Run (hey I said normal). Jogged most of that mile and felt amazing. Wasn’t feeling light headed or anything. The only thing was my calf…but that had nothing to do with the cleanse.

After lunch I wasn’t that hungry but because I am already on a ‘cleanse’ I am being extra careful to listen to my body. So about an hour after my scheduled ‘lunch time’ I got my shakeology on again. This time I forgot my green tea…oops. Won’t forget that tomorrow.

However, by the time the end of the day came by…I was hungry. I did have my orange as a side but it only took the edge off. Came home and I found that my Mother in law was making enchilada (the chip version not the restaurant one). So I decided to make that into a salad. It was spicy so I was thinking it would help me out so I wouldn’t eat that much…I am not into spicy food. But, I did end up eating a little to much.

So the day went well. I stopped myself from going to the vending machine. Taking a Free Cookie, and begging for bites of my friends lunch.
But once I got hungry…all bets were off the table. Yes I had a salad. Yes I didn’t have any dressing (not counting the salsa that was mixed in, she makes it from scratch with water and just the hot stuff). However I did over eat.

I learned from this that I have to eat something before work ends. That seems to be the point that I get hungry.

Okay NeverEver’s, the sun is almost down and it will be soon time to hit up the Hip Hop Ab’s with the Hubby! I am thinking about doing double to make up for that dinner. Let you all know!!

3 Day Shakeology Cleanse

Hey NeverEver’s!

First off Happy Father’s Day!! I hope you have all had an amazing one. I spent last weekend with my Father for his Father’s Day and this weekend with my Father in Law. Since he is such a meat eater we took him to Tony Roma’s and currently going to be heading to the beach for the last of Father’s Day.

Since I will be heading to the beach soon I wanted to make this post real quick.

Starting tomorrow I am going to be going on the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse.


Well lately even though I have been eating better then ever, home cooked meals a priority. Lots of Fruits and Veggies. I have been feeling that my body has been rebelling against me. Making my stomach upset, low energy, and just general queasy-ness…And NO I am not pregnant so that can be written off ^_^.

So I needed away to re-set my body. Just to get it back the way it should be.

If I had 3 days off instead I would be juicing. However, I cannot take my juicer to work so that really wouldn’t work. So I looked for another way that I could get my cleanse on.

I didn’t want anything crazy and it lead me to the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse. I am already drinking Shakeology every morning so it made sense. Here is the general idea of the plan.

I am not doing the cleanse to lose weight. Nor am I doing it because I think that 800 – 1,100 calories in the long run is health. I AM doing this because my body isn’t right. I need to clean it out. This cleanse will not last more then 3 days and I will not be doing it again back to back.

I just felt that I should set that straight right off the bat ^_^.

So NeverEver’s, have you guys ever done a cleanse? If so, why did you do it and how did it work?

Have a great rest of Father’s Day!!